18 October 2010

Louis Rowe benefit concert - The Corner Hotel, Richmond

I've met some pretty fantastic people this year! One of them has been Louis Rowe, who is my co-star on No Limits. Louis is a muso working at a cafe in Melbourne.
Louis in the green room at No Limits
A few years back Louis had a scooter accident in Thailand and severed his spinal cord. This meant he lost all feeling from below his belly button, and is now unable to walk.

Louis has been receiving stem cell treatment to help him walk again. He has traveled to India and China a few times to receive this treatment and plans to go back to India next March to receive more treatment. The treatment is working slowly for Louis.

Here is a video of Louis training for stem cell treatment.

A benefit concert was held yesterday at the Corner Hotel to help fund Louis' next trip. I caught up with my friends Elvira and Jo and a couple of others, and Louis of course.
The beautiful Elvira and I
It was a fantastic afternoon featuring music by legends of Australian rock, and a song or two by Louis.

The line-up was Charles Jenkins, Nick Barker (from Nick Barker and the Reptiles), Kim Salmon, Dave Graney, Brian Hooper (from Beasts of Bourbon) and Ash Naylor (from Even). I loved the story telling through their music.

I met and interviewed a few of the musicians for a future article, and though I was only familiar with a few of their musical histories, I was a little star-struck.

Charles Jenkins and Arthur Starr

Nick Barker

Nick Barker and Brian Hooper

Kim Salmon

Dave Graney

Brian Hooper

Louis Rowe thanking the crowd and the bands

Ash Naylor

Charles Jenkins guitaring Louis up

Louis belting his song out

It was a wonderful afternoon and a great cause. If you'd like to donate money to assist Louis on his stem cell treatment journey, you can make a donation:
Louis Rowe Appeal
BSB: 013516
ACC: 490917283.

Rock on Louis!

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  1. Determination is written all over Louis' face, and if there is one trait that I admire in any person, it is determination. You are meeting some amazing people through No Limits by the looks of it (and they are meeting the equally amazing you, of course), and I am so happy for you, even though I don't actually know you haha. That story will stick with me for ages, his recovery so far is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks for sharing, and for supporting his efforts! xx


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