19 October 2010

A taste of sunshine

It was a glorious spring day today. I had (a very early) lunch at the Queen Victoria Markets which I should do more often given it's a five minute walk from my work.

After reading The Age yesterday, I was craving a bratwurst sausage. Desperately.

Today's lunch satisfied my craving. Though I had built up the bratwurst in my mind so much that it wasn't as good as I dreamed it would be.

There was cheese. Mustard. And a fat, greasy German sausage. And I sat in the sunshine eating it. Heaven. Even though I needed to be back at work for an event at 12.00 pm!

I also bought some steak, lamb chops and mussels, which I didn't photograph. I am excited about my steak tomorrow night. I will cook it to what I call perfection, 'mooing'. Oh yeah, I got some King Island washed rind brie too.

This is my springtime dress. A bargain at $39 from Target. It makes me feel like I'm on Mad Men.
You can't see much of it (one day I will get a proper outfit photo!) but you can see that it nips me in at the waist. It wasn't warm enough for nude stockings so I wore it with black opaques. And ballet flats. And two tops underneath. And a black blazer.

Next to the bratwurst shop was Colours of the Earth - a shop selling rainbow pizzas. You can read more about it at Spatula Spoon and Sunday.

The selection of pizzas was amazing - pizza bases came in traditional white or wholemeal, and then a gluten free range including polenta, pumpkin, beetroot, black and white rice and seaweed.

I picked two for tonight's dinner. They were SO vibrant. Reminded me a bit of playdough!

Beetroot base with salami, olives, basil and cheese.

Black rice base with ricotta, pesto, tomato, onion, mushrooms, mozzarella and sweet chilli sauce.
They look so beautiful before cooking!
And even better after cooking.
A perfect, quick and healthy meal after work.
The pizzas were delicious.

My trip to the markets was a real taste of sunshine. I must visit it more often.


  1. Target has some super-cute dresses around at the moment - I was almost tempted by one myself on the weekend. It would be nice if Melbourne weather would arrange for us to be able to wear pretty dresses without millions of of layers underneath and on top.

  2. ah my god.you say these bases were edible?? really? and they were gluten free?!?!!?!?


    the print on your dress look kewt!

  3. wow those pizzas look yummy! do you know if they are they 100% gluten free? or just they base?

  4. Thanks for liking my dress!
    The pizza labels say gluten free. You will have to venture there to check them out.

  5. I saw that article too! Totally made me crave bratwurst :) A great day!
    Heidi xo

  6. ps thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :):)


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