12 October 2010

More of all the things that I've done

I went on a weekend-long trip to Canberra, Australia's capital.

A lot of time was spent drinking.

And eating. And listening to music.

And doing touristy things. It was a fun trip. I laughed a lot.

I went to the National Zoo. Here is some of what I saw.
That blue is too good to be true

Two snakes. Each snake can weigh up to 210 kg!


Sun bear

Otters. Despite me wanting an otter last week, now I've seen them, I've decided they are not entertaining.

A lion sleeps up to 20 hours a day!

A gazelle like creature. Possibly related to a unicorn. Duocorn?

These zebras were in with the duocorns.

I am envious of the giraffe's eyelashes.

The giraffe's two back horns are electrodes that emit signals to space.
The front horn is a handlebar*.
(*Not a scientific fact. More like a harebrained theory.)

I was so envious of the giraffe's eyelashes I took another photo.
And then discovered, while watching Bathurst, Mark Skaife has similar eyelashes. Others agreed. That was the only thing I contributed to the Bathurst conversation.
The giraffe and Skaife must use the same beautician.

At this angle, the eyelashes are a little Kylie Minogue. 
The eyeshadow makes me think the giraffe is one of those Kyle impersonators.

Meerkats are feisty.
We wanted the meerkat to grab onto the guy's ankles.
The most action at the zoo was when the meerkat growled. Seriously.


Sleepy koala. Kind of looking like the hats the guards at Buckingham Palace wear.
Or maybe a guard at Parliament House in Australia?

I love fairy penguins!!!

Me hanging with the penguins.

This emu was far too close for my liking.

Evil looking emu.

The Lesser Spotted Chair. A rare and dangerous find in the wild.
Watch out for its protruding legs which spear its prey without notice.
The Lesser Spotted Chair can often be found alongside a candy stripe stick.
Apparently the best part of the zoo.

 Overall the National Zoo was not as interesting as Melbourne Zoo. It was a bit unkempt in some places (see the chair picture). But some of the animals were so close to view, which was exciting. Overall it took less than two hours to sit and eat and walk around the zoo.

 I also went to the war memorial. It was really interesting, very well put together and I learnt a lot.

And here is what I wore on my outing.
Jeanswest tee over Glassons merino jumper, Sportsgirl skirt,
Big W 'fauxverse' sneakers, Wiyomu necklace, Mimco headband.


  1. The War Memorial is fantastic - probably one of the best places to visit in Canberra. That, and the places that sell the cake of doom.

  2. Great photos!

    Love the animal photos especially.

    BTW, you rock the Faux-verse....

    SSG xxx

  3. giraffe's are my favourite, so pretty.

  4. The giraffe is a very pretty animal. I'd never seen one that close before.

    The War Memorial was like an art gallery.

    And thanks for loving my outfit :)

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic trip.
    I frigging love massive snakes(when behind glass) they really intrigue me!!
    You are rocking that red skirt, it is so cute.


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