26 September 2010

Music I've been missing - Bob Evans, Someone so much

What a beautiful song. I love Bob Evans and his music. Maybe not so much that it hurts, but I do immerse myself in his music and lyrics to the point of feeling wonderful, nostalgic, romantic and heartbroken all at once.

This song, Someone so much, is the music I've been missing. Well, maybe the song I can relate to the most at this point in time.

Maybe it is a flaw that I have the capacity to love someone too easily. When I love someone so much it hurts. And they may not love me in the same way as I love them. It hasn't happened often, but it's happened to give me a spectrum of emotions and confusion. Destined to be a friend not a lover, I guess.

I love this song and one day I hope it applies to a love I feel that is not just one sided.

Here is the backstory behind the clip.

Lyrically it's gorgeous. Like all songs on the Goodnight Bull Creek album.

'I stayed up all night thinking of ways to tell you that my whole life I've been waiting for you'.


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