29 September 2010

An open letter to Evan at the Apple store, Doncaster

So as mentioned, I went to the Apple store this morning to have my iPhone replaced. I hauled ass to Doncaster - I don't quote Clueless lightly - when I say I hauled ass, I mean it. I had to forfeit a lie in past 8.30 am on my holiday and drive down the Eastern and navigate through a shopping centre I've barely orienteered before. It is school holidays, the peak of staring season, and children's eyeballs (and screeches of me being sunburnt) pierced me everywhere I walked. That alone is tiring.

When I arrived at the Apple store, slightly sore from the walk through (my skin is not yet feeling great), regretting my matching underwear purchase from Big W (the undies did not look comfortable - I later returned them, citing 'major impulse buy' as my reason for return') and hungry (I yearned for some Salsa's Mex Grill action) I realised that everyone working there was so much cooler than me.

As I was checked in and waited in line, I was greeted by the nicest sales person ever. Evan.

I'm not a huge fan of sales people - purely because I encounter too many rude/unattentive/pushy ones. I used to be a checkout/sales floor chick in a large department store, and I believe if I am not given the same level of service that I gave back in the day, it's not good enough. I choose to use the self-serve check out in the supermarket because I'd rather not be greeted by a person who doesn't smile and packs my washing powder in with my meat. I feel invisible in some stores because I don't fit the pretty girl mould. That said, there are numerous sales people that I have been highly impressed with and regularly return to the stores they work at.

Evan was amazing. He remembered me from last time when my iPhone screen was smashed and I was inaudible to callers because of the skin/vaseline issue. Last time he recommended some plugs for the power and earphone ports (I bought them) and today he asked me whether they did the right job. I said no, and he recommended I try the Otta case which makes the iPhone water tight. I will browse the internet tonight in search of an Otter. Baby otters are so cute. And finally I can have one.

Otta, I mean.

Evan wasn't grossed out by my oily, skinny iPhone issue. He was compassionate, empathetic and as professional as a doctor, despite working as an Apple Genius. On the Julia Zemiro scoring system, I award 100 million points to Evan, just for this!

It is not often my 'special needs' are considered when I make a purchase or accept hospitality. Just recently at the Powderfinger concert, I had to speak with three people to make a decision about whether the cap could be left on my water bottle so I didn't lose any water from it as I bounced around the moshpit. They told me it was dangerous for me to have a cap on my bottle - it could be used as a weapon. I told them that I doubt I'd be using it as a weapon when all I want to do is keep hydrated. I won the argument. I kept the cap. (Note to self - must take spare bottle cap to next concert at Rod Laver Arena.)


My iPhone was seen to by another Genius and replaced straight away. It's restored and working fine - I have received three calls on it today and no complaints about me being too far away.

I also took my MacBook in to be looked at - the sticky keys are becoming a problem. I believe it's also due to the vaseline/skin issue, despite a silicone cover and regular brushing and wiping. Evan booked me in to see a Mac Genius on the spot, and after a short wait, he came back to talk to me about the problems I'm having with it. The wait was nice because all I did was stare at my wallpaper, which is Callan Mulvey and I on that fine day. Gosh he is a glorious man. It's not often I stare at him for 20 minutes.

I digress. (But don't you agree, Callan is fine?!)

Evan told me my MacBook would need to be left behind for a service and repair and this would take three to five days. I am going away soon, not returning for over a week. And so I asked whether I can book it in for repair when I return. He arranged for this.

The second lot of 100 million points I award to him is for laughing at my email address. Itchy_81. Often when I tell people this, particularly over the phone, I can hear them thinking 'ummm okkkkaaaaay' as though I am making reference to a nasty skin condition that I probably shouldn't mention. But I guess because Evan understood my situation, and was compassionate towards it, he saw the humour in my email address.

Ok, so I know Evan was just doing his job. I didn't get any special treatment - he was fabulous to all the customers he saw. But his compassion and attention and humour, and just damn good customer service made my day.

Thank you Evan at Apple Doncaster. You put a smile on my face today. A thousand million points to you for your brilliant customer service.

EDIT: Otta case for iPhone ordered :) Unfortunately it does not look like this :(


  1. Hi Carly,
    Evan sounds like the perfect sales assistant - efficient, yet human and compassionate. I have only been in Apple once, and had a very nice young man go out of his way to help me - on 2 occasions - despite the store being super busy.

    The people watching in Apple is great, I agree that everyone there is just so cool. I wish I was one of the cool kids - I think I'm one step closer now that I have an iPhone.

    Sorry for my lack of commenting of late, busy travelling etc.

    Hope your skin is feeling better soon, xx Polly.

  2. It's so good to hear a story where someone received decent and helpful customer service. Too often, we find ourselves being served by people who'd clearly prefer to be somewhere else and who don't mind making that fact completely obvious. It's a refreshing change to read a story such as yours.

  3. I've been to the Apple Doncaster store a few times and have always found the service to be very good as well. I'm glad you got to exchange your iphone so quickly and easily.

  4. Does that mean there are 80 other Itchys @ gmail ? ;-)

  5. Carly I am so pleased - he sounds, as FF would say, 11/10....!! Are you sending him a copy of your post? Or at least tell his manager how impressed you were with the service you received at the store? Praise where it's due and maybe he would love it too? p.s. love that phrase "hauling ass"!! ha ha! x

  6. I think you should definitely call the store and ask to speak to the manager and tell them how impressed you were with Evan. Too often good service goes unrewarded and retail is NOT an easy job - let his manager know how much of a catch he is!

  7. Thanks everyone
    I have sent the feedback to Evan.
    It is so refreshing to receive good customer service for a change!
    Desiderata - 81 is the year I was born. Maybe there are still 80 itchies left?

  8. Such a nice thing to do Carly, to praise Evan like that, very thoughtful of you

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  10. how lovely!!! you should email them your kind words - its always nice getting good feedback in customer service!! i want an otter too... ! x

  11. I love positive sales assistant feedback!

    Glad it was a lovely day for you, Carly.

    SSG xxx

  12. I'm happy you have lovely people like even making sure you are looked after well in the store. Bad customer service or just bad attitudes generally can really get me down so it is always lovely to hear when people treat others with respect :)

  13. I agree with the lack of customer service around, it can make or break our day at times.
    Great post and love the baby Otters!

    PS. Mr Appl3pie works for the Apple store (Sydney though) *hush hush


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