20 September 2010

Music I'm looking forward to: Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown

Caleb Followill = HOT. His voice. His beard. His body.

Kings of Leon have a new song - Radioactive. I am enjoying this song a lot, and tonight is the first time I have seen its video clip, and I love it too!

I like the gospel choir in the background. Though I hate summer, this clip makes me want to frolic in the evening sun in a flimsy dress sipping cocktails.

Come Around Sundown is out on 16 October. I am excited!


  1. Hi Carls,
    congrats about the mama mia article!!!! So proud of you xxx

  2. hot damn, his voice is hawt.not sure about the rest.
    unconvinced on this song. at the risk of sounding like a pretentious knob, i like their old stuff :p

  3. I too like their old stuff.
    Because of the times is my fave album of theirs, then their first two.
    And thanks FF xx

  4. YEP .... HOT!!! Love this song, love it, love it, love it!


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