29 September 2010

And the Cadbury winner is...


Malady's response to my question why are you in love with chocolate? was:
Mr. Cadbury has been the most faithful man in my life, and thats why I love him. He is always happy to come to bed with me, doesn't mind when all I want to do there is read a good book, and never grunts or farts or steals the doona. Mr. Cadbury never tells me that its too late and I should turn the light out. And if I decide that I'm going to sleep before the block is done, Mr. Cadbury never complains that I haven't finished him off. He just quietly slips back into his box and waits until I'm ready to see him again.
I loved this response. Malady will win $50 of Cadbury chocolate. Maladay, please email me or post a comment with your email address - I need to get your chocolate to you soon!

Thank you to all who entered :)


  1. Hi Carly,

    I've emailed you via your facebook, seeing as my email is mucking up.

    Thanks heaps for picking me,


  2. I got my chocolates today :-)

    I didn't realise HOW MUCH chocolate you can get for $50!!!

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Carly!!!



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