02 September 2010

Music I've been missing - P!nk

I'm a recent convert to Pink. I like her heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes. I can relate to her lyrics so much. Given that I'm not a huge fan of top 40 commercial music, Pink's a surprising part of my music collection. She's the music I've been missing.

In 2007 I rang Nova to enter a concert ticket competition. On the day I called I did not win, but two weeks later, I received a call telling me I'd won a Pink CD, tickets to her concert and a pink scooter. I did not get the scooter, I opted for the cash.

I was reluctant to go to the Pink concert as I was not familiar with her music. But I went, and I loved her. I loved her acrobatics, her strong voice, her humour and I think she has a great body.

I enjoyed her I'm not dead album, went back to listen to her older music and discovered I was a fan.

I went to her concert last year too, and loved it as much as the first time I saw her live. I had won tickets to see her a second time but ended up selling my tickets as I'd just come out of hospital.

Here are two of my favourite Pink songs.

This song, The one that got away, is a favourite of mine. It reminds me of all the unrequited loves I've had. Ok maybe just one unrequited love.


I'm feeling sore, and introspective, and Pink's music is the perfect way to reflect.

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