21 April 2010

Note from Callan Mulvey!

So a few weeks ago I wrote a letter to Callan Mulvey.

Yes I know what you're thinking. I'm a 28 year old writing a snail mail fan letter. I've not done that since I wrote to Darren Hayes in 1997, before that Shane Warne in 1993 (he wrote back!) and Southern Sons in 1990 (I have an autographed picture of them on the back of my toilet door).

The letter I wrote to Callan was full of admiration, respect and love. Not much gush.

I thanked him for taking the time from his day to have a chat, and told him what an inspiration he is coping with the effects of his car accident while working as a stellar actor.

I posted the letter last week, enclosing some photos and a stamped self addressed envelope.

And today my envelope arrived! It couldn't have arrived at a better time, and Callan's words to me couldn't be more apt.

It's seriously got me beaming.

He signed the photos and wrote a short note on one of the photos.

'Dear Carly
Thank you for your beautiful letter.
I think you're an inspiration for the way you are considering what you put up with and the pain you go through every day.
All the best,
Callan Mulvey
xx :)

Wow. :)


  1. Awww he is SO awesome. I always knew there was a reason I've had a massive crush on him all these years. You deserve the love, hope it's brightened your week after the shocker on Saturday. Briony

  2. :) This is a lovely post and made even me smile like the Cheshire cat ^_^

  3. Good lord, just when I thought I couldn't adore that man any more!

  4. 48739uf43w&*&*(dsifjsd789

    I am SO happy for you!!!! Especially after our chat today!!! What a great letter to receive after a shitty past few days. ♥

  5. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that's all

  6. Aww how lovely! I'm jealous too, I've always had a crush on him ever since Heartbreak High days :) sigh...

  7. FANTASTIC. That is so ACE, you must have been so excited. Did you get it and think "who the bloody hell is writing to me... the writing looks vaguely familiar" and then go.."oh yeah, I wrote on that envelope" whenever I've had to do selve addressed anythings, I always do that. Perhaps I should go back to being blonde, lol.

    Maybe that just happens to me, I have the worst memory :P

    He is gorgeous though. Even more so now- what a sweetie.

    Hope this next week is better for you hun, you know if you ever need an ear my mobile isn't too far away. Chris xxx

  8. That's so lovely! I love him more and more. What a great guy :)

  9. PS I'm so jealous that you got a photo with him in his Rush uniform!!

  10. I've always been a big fan of his. No I am so even more. What a dude. Straight to the pool room!

  11. How nice are some people! Aren't you so glad you sent him the letter :)

  12. What a lovely letter.

    It's the random kindess of people that makes life so special at times.

    I am repeating this as a mantra today. It's been crazy at work and we're all getting by on laughter and group debriefs...

    SSG xxx

  13. wow! i think it's about time i start watching rush. that's such a sweet letter. :)

  14. Not being from down under...had to google him...sorry, mates. Wow, inspiring fellow and from what I read here---a great actor and not hard on the eyes. I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours. I MUST try that Asian food night. FUN hahahha

  15. OMG, that's so awesome of him Carls! How nice of him to take the time out to do that, considering most actors require at least $2o per autograph. What a champ, you must be chuffed :D

  16. OMG!! That's fantastic!! I must admit I wasn't too familiar with him although I recognised the name. Then someone mentioned Heartbreak High - which I absolutely loved. Just did a google search and how could I have not realised who he is!!! I had a big crush on him in Heartbreak High lol *blush* What a top bloke though for sending the pics back signed and the lovely note. A fantastic pick me up for you Carly, especially after recent events. Just what to doctor ordered eh? lol I'm really pleased for you :-)

    Take care

  17. awwww how cute! i loved him as Drazic in heartbreak high tehehe

    i used to write fan letters when i was a teenager... a good tip is to address the letter to the venue where they are preforming (if they are a musican) i got so many replies! ahhh the good old days

  18. Ah, yes! Sorry, I have a swiss cheese brain ;P This is awesome xx

  19. thats so nice of him to reply, it is true what he says, you are an inspiration to us all. xx

  20. Hey, can i plz ask you the adress you send your letter to? My mom realy wants to send him one too, but i found more than 2 adresses so i don't realy know were i have to send her letter to:) can you plz help me :) thnx !!


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