25 April 2010

Green smoothies

One of the really crappy (excuse the pun) things about the type of ichthyosis I have (Netherton's Syndrome) is that my tummy gets very sore. In a non vomit-inducing nutshell, there's something in the genetic makeup of this condition that causes digestive troubles. I found this very interesting - I only found out about this last year from my genetic counselor.

For a few years now I've been experiencing tummy pain and the GP said that it's either period pain or something I ate. So when the counselor told me that the skin condition and tummy pain were related, I was very excited that there was actually a link. While I have not yet been to see a gastroenterologist, I have been trying to eliminate certain foods from my diet - white bread, cheap cakes and muffins, white pasta - I have not really found a pattern. I do know I feel better eating breads without wheat and yeast (hello spelt!) and wholemeal pasta feels much better than white pasta. But other than that, I can feel tummy pain even when eliminating cereal products and only eating vegetables, fruit and proteins.

When I finally do get in to see the gastroenterologist, I hope that there will be a solution, or at least a prevention for this tummy business. Because I love my food and don't want to restrict myself. (Though in my googling for this blog entry, I have just seen that all Netherton's Syndrome patients eventually develop food allergies, particularly to nuts, eggs and fish. If this is true, I am doomed! I love fish.)

Anyhow, I've decided to try eating more roughage. While I do eat a lot of vegetables, and most mornings I either have porridge with yoghurt and fruit or a fruit, yoghurt and oats smoothie, I feel that more green vegetables may help me - particularly with the fibre and the antioxidants they provide.

So I've done a bit of research and decided to make green smoothies. Just like my fruit smoothie, only bright green, and without the milk.

So far I've had two for breakfast. I know, that's not enough to see a pattern forming. But I can tell you that yesterday's made me feel good. No tummy pain until after dinner.

Yesterday's one had half a packet of spinach, two ripe bananas, half a tin of blueberries (I know, cheating, they are really sweet, taste like dessert!), oats and water. It was very brown. But tasted really good! And it kept me full for a good four hours, event through dance class.

Today's had five chopped dates, pumpkin seeds and linseeds (good fats) half a packet of spinach, one ripe banana, water and manuka honey with propolis. Manuka honey with propolis is great for skin infections. It wasn't as nice as yesterday's. I think my banana was a bit too ripe.

Still, in both smoothies the spinach was unnoticeable.

I need to get a few groceries later today, and I will look at some more recipes, so tomorrow's smoothie should be new and improved. Apparently cabbage is really good, and I have some purple cabbage in the fridge!

I recommend everyone try them. The colour of today's smoothie was brilliant - with that colour, it has to be good for you!


  1. you young lady, are brave! i am coeliac and i have other assorted allergies ( most nuts and seeds, anaphalactic to sesame) so i know the trauma of constant tummy/bowel pain...
    if you need any help advice etc just shoot me an email, im more than happy to help
    love danielle

  2. Hi Carly,
    I must say that I've never learned of any links between diet and Netherton's syndrome (even working on a dermatology ward!!), so you've taught me something today.
    I've actually found green smoothies makes my tummy feel a little :S which can be a bit of a good thing, coz it stops me eating junk food while studying!
    I love adding coconut to my green smoothies. And I call my smoothies "Green Monsters" (courtesy of Caitlin @ www.healthytippingpoint.com )
    Have a lovely day :)

  3. ooh i should try these, im always trying to find a way to get more iron in my diet in a natural, healty way. The blueberry one sound delicious!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog - my nuffnang ad was on there for a while, just a logo, before I got a campaign. Dont know how the reward will be but I have very conservative expectations haha.

    Im so impressed with your dignity and composure throughout the whole second hand shop dilema. I would have been back at the shop with a carton of eggs. Your truely and inspiration :)

  4. I have a probiotic every morning. It's expensive ($20/30 caps) but it has helped my digestive issues. I also stay away from anti-inflammatories and things like that. My digestive problems started with a course of 3 antibiotics in 3 months which basically killed my body...

    Hope you're feeling better lovely


  5. How cool is that!!! Thanks for this blog Carly. I absolutely love smoothies but have never got round to making my own *hangs head in shame*. I don't know but whenever I have a smoothie, I somehow feel clean inside if that makes sense, same with salads. The smoothies you've made certainly sound interesting, and I'm seriously goiong to have to give it a whirl (s'cuse the pun lol).

    I tell you what though Carly, you got me thinking, because I have tummy troubles too. I always thought it was wind in my case lol it could well be that it is wind. Also my Mum has stomach problems too so I thought it could be hereditary but I just don't know for sure. I know I have a different type of Ichthyosis as you Carly, but with what you have said I'm begining to wonder. I too love my food, always have and have always had a good appetite. I went to a family conference in Atlanta with FIRST in 2006 and found out that my high metabloism is/could well be due to my Ichthyosis - which explains a lot in my case. I found it really interesting. I might have a chat with my doctor when I go to see him in a couple of weeks to see what he thinks? I'm really curious now.

    Thanks for the blog Carly & enjoy the smoothies :-) xx

  6. Carly, hello, I have to admit I have been thinking and wondering since I first read your blog whether diet and what you eat did in any way affect your Ichthyosis..... it will be intersting to find out. I have a dear friend in England who has to control her ulcerative coelitis with diet and it has made a huge difference. I am convinced that the doctor / nutritionist will be able to help you. I do hope so. x

  7. i have a verry sensitive stomach and have a horrible time with nausea, so i can relate a little about the tummy pains! i love green smoothies! i recommend them to everyone. most people just look at me like im crazy, but they really are yummy!


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