26 April 2010

Business Chic featuring Radio Carly

Today I went to the city with my friend for a few hours. It was really nice.

We had lunch at Grill'd. I love Grill'd and believe I could eat a burger from there each day.

We looked at some shops - Myer (particularly my favourite brand Cue) and the GPO building (loving Arabella Ramsay - oh how I wish to have a money tree! - so many beautiful clothes in store!).

We also stopped by the Alexi Freeman store where Cheryl from the fashion blog Business Chic was blogging and photographing stylish people.

I found out about Business Chic a few months back through the Vogue Forums and love the blog. It features people wearing fabulous corporate clothes - not your every day suiting. It is great inspiration for working with things already in the wardrobe.

She is really following her fashion dreams - working corporately in the day and blogging/styling when she has free time.

Cheryl took a few photos of me to be featured on a future Business Chic blog entry, but here is the entry she did today, and here is the photo of her and I through the window.


You should check out the Business Chic blog for some inspiration. It really is very cool.


  1. Wow the photo is certainly very creative!

    Cue is one of my favourite brands too! But I haven't bought anything from them lately. :(

  2. I love Cheryl's blog!!! That is awesome :)

    When I come down to Melbourne, we'll have to go blogger-stalking!

  3. Great photo! You're becoming such a celebrity! I love the pics of you wearing lipstick from your post about your drinks night out with your train friend. I'm not used to seeing you with lipstick and great jacket!

  4. Is that a fabulous blue coat I spy? Where's it from?

  5. I've never seen that blog before but I loved checking it out. I really like how she does the little polaroid pictures on there. How cool that you got to stop by and do this. Love the picture!!


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