11 April 2010

Ron Mueck, my cooking, and obligatory shirtless pic of the Rush men

This blog entry contains photos of naked men. No really. It does.

This weekend was relaxing.

The days were rather productive considering the high levels of relaxation, and the so were the nights.

I've done a bit of study, a bit of tidying, a bit of cooking.

I have spent both Friday and Saturday nights multitasking – writing, drinking, talking to friends on the phone, eating and keeping a close eye on Sgt Brendan Joshua and Senior Sgt Lawson Blake. Someone has to.

Yesterday morning I met a lovely friend who used to work with me. We went to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Ron Mueck exhibition and had an early lunch. We also went to a small craft market at the city library.

Ron Mueck was amazing. He is a hyper-realist sculptor who creates superbly realistic sculptures of people. They are so realistic and highly detailed you can see the folds of skin, the moisture of sweat, hair folicles and imprint of a palm on the face. The emotion in these sculptures made me curious. Each one tells a story. When I viewed the exhibition, I thought most of the characters, if you like, showed vulnerability, sadness and loneliness.

I did not take my camera, but I was surprised that security were allowing people to take photos of the exhibition.

Excuse my poor quality photos – they were taken with my iPhone. You can view better ones here on Flickr.

You can also listen to a podcasted interview about Ron Mueck on ABC radio.

One of the things I found interesting, and so did my friend, and we discussed this with a security guard, was the reaction by other visitors to the exhibition. It was like a separate exhibition. There were gasps and smiles and exclamations. A lot of children were there and were truly fascinated, not offended or scared. As one of the interviewees in the podcast says, at some gallery exhibitions, it's like being at wake, but at Ron Mueck's the atmosphere was so lively.

The sculptures look tactile, I imagined they'd feel just as realistic as they look. Visitors weren't allowed to touch the sculptures but there was a little box of a sample of a sculpture so we could get a feel for them. The sample was hard - fibreglass. Not soft and plump like skin.

Ron Mueck is brilliant.

I cooked a delicious vegetarian tart tonight. It has zucchini, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, asparagus, eggs and stinky taleggio cheese in it.

Here are a few photos of other meals I've cooked in the last week.

This is Mum's wonderful cooking. It's salmon with Asian dressing and greens. I had my salmon raw. This is the cooked version.

Lychee and moscato cocktail.

Frittata made with ham, peas, potato and cheese.
Roast duck red curry - the most delicious curry I've ever made.

Later I am going to do some more research about the ethics of researching online contributors, while watching the new series of Underbelly.

I've completed my article for DiVine. Back to work tomorrow. Life's good.


  1. i saw some photos from this exhibition on facebook and it really creeped me out!
    you are so right about how the sculptures show sadness
    because they are so life like.
    it made me feel weird.
    and almost sad and uncomfortable.
    especially one i saw of an old couple sleeping together..
    like they had been left alone to die or something...

  2. Wow, am most uncultured when it comes to this stuff. We live a bit far from Brisbane to make it a trip we take often. They look amazing though. Thanks for the CM pic. Have my fill now. :)

  3. Hi Carly - firstly thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog... just had a great few minutes or so catching up with your news over the last week or so - congratulations on your piece for DIvine - wonderful... I have seen some of Ron Mueck's work - fascinating stuff and I LOVE the National Gallery in Melbourne a great place just to wander and enjoy... x

  4. Cotton Socks - I agree, very confronting and sad. I think the nudity of them makes emotions of the characters more prevalent.

    Bern - glad I can assist. I am merely doing my service to women and men everywhere.

  5. What amazing photos from the exhibition!!

    What a lovely weekend!

    SSG xxx

  6. Wow when you said there was a pic of a nude man, I was hoping for Callan to be starkers haha... instead we got the sculpture of the old hairy dude haha.. not quite the turn on I was expecting but interesting none the less lol. Nice blog Carly :)

    Ps this is Lucy.. I'm on iPhone and can't be arsed signing in haha

  7. visiting from my singles blogfrog post!!! loving your site but NOT loving the scary sculptures at the top!

  8. Wow those sculptures are amazingly realistic! Kinda creepy! That photo of the shirtless boys is delish though ;) SO jealous that you can cook so well. I suck lol. That's one thing I want to work on in the future.

  9. A very keeping it real exhibition by all accounts - here's to the zuchinni for getting my stomach back on track after a bit of a shock!

  10. I'm pretty sure I have seen some of Ron Mueck's work, locally at the Meclleland gallery. Is this last photo a HUGE sculpture? kinda creepy but so realistic.

  11. What a fantastic exhibit! I love sculputures of the human body. Very realistic. Thanks for sharing on your blog.


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