28 April 2010

Giant cocoa pops - Asian snack challenge featuring Kristy

Last night's Asian snack challenge featured an interstate guest, my lovely friend Kristy who is in Melbourne for a few days. She requested to be involved in the challenge after word had spread far and wide that it's on everyone's to-do list when in Melbourne.

I started off by taking photos on my iPhone, for tradition...

...but then I thought...


So I whipped out my actual camera.

Here is our haul.

Kristy had those delicious communion-like sesame cookies.

An almond milk that I believe will be yucky but she thinks will be delicious...

And some giant cocoa pops.

Kristy said 'Are these crayons or lollies?'. It was really hard to tell until we opened the box.

They were quite delicious.

I bought snow crepes and boiled lollies. It was not value for money.

The crepes are crispy and taste like sweet scrambled eggs.

I hate boiled lollies but adored the tin. The tin has pictures of Moomin characters on it. So cute.

We also ate actual dinner. At a Japanese restaurant.

Edamame beans

Sweet potato chips and wasabi

Kristy had a chicken don-like dish. She said it was wonderful.

I ate what I refer to as a beige meal. Fish and chips. It was good, but beige and pretty unhealthy.

It was so lovely to catch up with Kristy - she is one of those genuinely nice people and I'm glad to have her in my life.


  1. sweet potato chips and wasabi!!!! ohmigod, i haven't eaten them in so long, my mouth is seriously watering now

  2. I LOVE THE MOONIN CHARACTERS!!! Carly please, please tell me where you got these I want them NOW NOW NOW. ♥

  3. Wow - that food looks yuuuuuum! Can I ask where you went?


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