24 April 2010

Mali the Baby elephant

Last Tuesday I went to the Melbourne Zoo and was lucky enough to see Mali, the baby elephant. Mali is around three months old now. She is very cute.

It was hard capturing still pictures of her because the zoo keepers lead the elephants around the yard quite quickly. And Mali was shy, so she hid behind her Mum's legs a lot of the time.


You can discover more about Mali at the Zoo webpage.


  1. OMG she is so adorable!!! I want a baby elephant! I've told V, when we buy our own house, it has to have a backyard big enough for a baby elephant - he said something about baby elephants not staying small for long... :D

  2. Good, how cute was she:)

    Thanks for sharing:)

    Bye Carly

  3. Aw. What a gorgeous elephant! So cute that she was hiding :)

  4. Awww so cute :-) Thanks for sharing Carly I love animals. I even studied animal behaviour for a while, mainly primates (for a good 6 years) as a hobby - but that's another story/blog lol

    Take care
    Melanie xx

  5. I LOVE elephants - they are my favourite animal next to cats. And baby elephants are so cute. I really enjoy zoos and anything animal-related so thanks for sharing!


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