08 April 2010

Oh the possibilities!

Things have been busy.

I am looking forward to sitting on the couch tonight watching Heston Blumenthal and eating home made red duck curry. I bought some roast duck legs, microwaved them (who knew you could do that!?!) and put them in a saucepan with a heap of vegies - carrots, beans, snow peas, mushrooms, capsicum, spring onions, and red curry paste, garlic, tinned pineapple and coconut milk. I can't wait to eat it!

I've seen another comedy show, this time Josh Earl. He did a show about the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book. Most Australians around my age would have seen this awesome book! I loved it. Yesterday I bought myself an updated, yet inferior version of the book. Josh's show reminded me of all those great cakes - the stove, the sewing machine, the cake of kisses and the duck with a chip beak. I loved the innovation of it all. Two BBQ chips can make a duck beak! Well, I never...

I've also had a great reaction to my article on DiVine. So many lovely comments on the site and also to my email and blog. Thank you to everyone :)

Today I saw my dermatology team and they were very pleased with DiVine. Just to clarify though, the mention about the dermatologists in the article did not refer to my current ones! They are all fantastic. I'm just not keen on the large dermatology gatherings where I am an exhibit. The head dermatologist hopes my blog can attract new skin treatment suggestions.

The DiVine online editor contacted me congratulating me on the response to my article. Their traffic has been up thanks to new visitors to the site. He has also asked me to modify another blog entry for the site. I will keep you updated :)

Things have been busy, but I'm touching the sky! The opportunities I have are amazing, and so is the support I've been receiving.


  1. Hi Carly
    I remember that cake book too.

    My mum made me the piano one year. I was so impressed.

    SSG xxx

  2. 'IT WAS A STORE BOUGHT CAKE'... :) haha.

    We have been running around the house singing that song for the past few days!

  3. IT WAS A STORE BOUGHT CAKE hhahahahah
    I loved it!
    He is from Burnie. If he comes to Launceston, you should see him!

  4. I certainly will- we hardcore laughed for a good 15 minutes, and I'm so glad you saw it- everyone else I have spoken to about it have thought I was bonkers!


  5. You should hear his letters to Ita Butrose!

  6. Haha Carly thanks for the memory.

    Mum still has the 80's version at home as I forbid her from getting rid of it!! My sister and I had almost every cake out of that book. Except my mum attempted to make the 9 for big sis but it ended so badly it was turned into a trifle (a win in my eyes). Needless to say all other cakes were made by our dear Granny. On my piano when I was 10, Granny even hand wrote tiny sheet music of "Happy Birthday" to sit on the music stand.

    Congrats on the DiVine BTW :-)

  7. oh my goodness i used to spend hours poring over that book decided which cake I wanted mum to make me for my next birthday! I think I finally grew out of it when I turned like 9 or 10 but the book is still at mum's place somewhere! lol I'm so happy to hear about all your successes too! Keep up the good work (:

  8. Carly I can't stop laughing

    My mum and all my aunties made those cakes except for the jelly pool. I'm still waiting to see the jelly pool cake.

  9. this is quite possibly the coolest cake i have ever seen :)
    love your blog
    great photos and posts!
    stop by some time xx

  10. <3 my favourite women's weekly cake

    mum made me:
    icecream heart
    hickory dickory dock
    candy castle
    minnie mouse
    number 4
    humpty dumpty

    she made my brothers the train cake too!

    continue the fabulous posts,

  11. We were talking about that blog - and the inferior version - last night!

    My sister and I (both mid-20s) made the train cake a few years ago. It took us HOURS, I don't know how my mum ever did it!


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