20 April 2010

Get that sausage! Asian snack challenge

The food certainly wasn't the highlight of the Asian Snack Challenge tonight.

We saw heaps of interesting things. While I had my actual camera with me tonight, I opted for the poor quality of the iPhone. It adds to the authenticity of the Challenge. Though my laughing is often cackly, and makes me shake when I take photos. Hence the fuzzy.

While we ate some interesting things, nothing set us on fire. Except maybe the melty cheese stick things. My friend believed they may catch fire.

My friend bought some Black Boss coffee in a can, and green tea pumpkin seeds. He said the coffee was great, but couldn't stomach the pumpkin seeds. The seeds were only 10% fat but 53% cholesterol.

He told me I needed to call an ambulance if he had heart failure on the train. I said he wouldn't need to had he bough the Bacchus D Drive Your Energy Drink.

Fortunately only three seeds were consumed. He remains alive to tell the tale.

I tried to convince him to buy this drink with instant poo in the title. He declined.

I bought three things.

Persian pork BBQ chips. Not as flavoursome as the anchovy ones. Not deserving of an individual photo.

Genji pie. Kind of like mini Lattice biscuits. Quite nice. Not delicious.

Melting cheese kamaboko. Kind of like seafood extender flavoured cheese sticks. Cheesy fishy sausage. Re. Volt. Ing. Revolting.

The best thing about the cheesy fishy sausage was when I exclaimed 'get that sausage!'.

Oh and when I palmed one off to a fellow commuter. Best fun ever. If there was a hint of deliciousness in our snack challenge tonight, we shared it. We laughed and laughed.

A group of three guys were going to a house to play table tennis. They loved our Asian Snack Challenge and happily participated, eating the Genji cakes. I tempted a separate commuter with a Genji cake. That's four commuters who had fun tonight!

One guy, Anileen, even posed for a photo and agreed to feature in this blog, with his cheesy fishy sausage as a cigar.

This was my first photo journalism exercise involving another human!

Hello boys!

Next week's Asian Snack Challenge will feature a special interstate guest! Kristy, you don't know what you are in for!


  1. I enjoy your Asian Snack Challenge feature. Cracks me up cause I am from am Asian background and we have Mock duck in a can in my pantry.

  2. Uh, "Persian pork BBQ chips"?

    That is a contradiction in terms! Persia is Iran, and pork is not very popular in Iran.

  3. Hahahha. Love this weeks challenge and the hilariously bad "engrish" on all the products

  4. Great feature. The "Instant Poo" would have had me on the floor.


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