10 April 2010

Balanced writing

I am currently editing another article for DiVine. I'm submitting it on Monday. Again, very excited!

It's another blog entry, modified for their site. This one requires less style guide type editing than the first one I did. But it requires careful content editing.

Although the original piece of writing has already been published on this blog, I feel I need to appropriately edit it for this new audience and publication.

In my work I am a rather conservative and more concise writer.

On this blog I write as I speak, colloquially and personably, and don't limit my storytelling to the inverted pyramid style news model. I am aware that anyone may read this blog, and do limit some of my content because of this, but I feel this blog is more of a private way of communicating, despite its public presence (something I'm exploring in my thesis research).

But for DiVine, I want to keep my own voice but am also mindful that the website is also a government-based one and a has wide audience. My participation on DiVine is also something that I will highlight to potential employers.

So herein lies the challenge of keeping my own voice, sharing my own experiences with honesty, but ensuring the content is 'clean' and has some professionalism to it.

I'm putting myself in my Dad's shoes. He doesn't read this blog often. But will definitely be reading articles I write for DiVine. What would he feel comfortable reading about me?

It's an interesting challenge - balancing the 'real me' with a style guide and some self-imposed content restraint.

I will keep you updated on when I am next published on DiVine.


  1. Fantastic!! Can't wait to read your work Carly. ♥

  2. Hi :)
    Just finished reading your article, and i really loved it.
    It was balanced, and well written...so really well done Carly...

    You aught to write things like this for your blog as well...
    If no one else will read, i will:)

    Have a smashing day girl:)

  3. Thanks!

    The early version of the article was actually written for my blog and can be found here: http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com/2010/03/in-control-telling-my-story.html

  4. I loved you article Carly! You certainly do have a gift for writing. I would definately read more articles by you now that I have read this one. x

  5. Hey Carly! I did the award / quiz you gave me, finally. Sorry it took me so long :/ Once again thank you for the award. ♥


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