04 April 2010

Quick update

I have had a very lazy long weekend consisting of:
- eating
- watching Rush marathon on Foxtel plus DVDs
- eating some more
- reading magazines and cookbooks
- playing with Toby dog
- listening to Angus and Julia Stone
- making a start on the second essay of the semester
- watching Julie and Julia and being inspired to cook.

Soon I am going to make a lychee cocktail to drink and make frittata for my parents and I for dinner.

I haven't given blogging much of a thought, nor have I taken many photos.

The internet is much slower here and the information divide of the city and country saddens me. To think this is a country of huge opportunities and equality, yet 20 minutes out of a regional town, the internet is slower than a Sunday driver.


I have a few ideas for new blog entries - got the week off uni so will get onto those when I return to Melbourne.

Just logged onto my blog and seen I've had 20,011 visitors! Can't believe it! Thank you :)


  1. Congrats on hitting the 20K mark, Carly!

    I saw Julie and Julia this weekend too. Mostly for the Julia bits though.

    Looking forward to more blogging when you return to Melbs.


    SSG xxx

  2. You know, I thought Juie was a bit dull. Julia was delightful. I loved her passion for food. Julie didn't seem to have much going for her other than her blog. I would have liked to have known a bit more about her work - sounded interesting.

  3. It was interesting about the Julie character and her experiences of blogging. Could sort of identify with that aspect of her character.

    Wasn't Paris a very charming 3rd main character?

    SSG xxx

  4. Paris was great, and I quite liked New York.

    I felt that Julie really pressured herself to conform to her blog and maintaining it. Of course the movie only showed one side of her persona, though.

  5. I loved Julie and Julia! I hated Julie's husband, what a selfish prick haha!

    Yum, frittata sounds good...may I please have some? :D


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