24 April 2010

Dinner at Khao San Road with a new friend

Tonight my friend J and I went for drinks and dinner at Khao San Road.

It was so lovely - we talked non stop for four hours!

J and I met on the train about a year ago. We really only speak for ten minutes at a time each morning on the train, so we certainly made up for lost conversation tonight! We both listen to our iPods on the train, and I think that is how conversation started. That, or she grabbed me when I was about to fall from the movement of the train!

We discussed our music tastes, and it turns out we have a lot in common. She and I both love Genevieve Maynard, and it really impressed me that someone I randomly met knew of Genevieve's music.

Tonight we probably talked about music for about three of the four hours! There was a lot of music we have in common, and then some others we can introduce each other to. She is so very passionate about music and I love to see that quality in people.

I had a great time and look forward to doing it again soon.

This is what I wore.

The dress and jacket were picked up from layby last week. I adore the colour and shape of the dress - it reminds me a bit of Carrie Bradshaw.

I am wearing lipstick. I only have lipstick because the lovely girls at my pharmacy threw in some bonus samples with a really expensive script purchase one day when I was sick. I think lipstick on me looks a bit gaudy. But it probably looks ok.

Jacket - Free Fusion by Target
Dress - Hot Options by Target
Boots - Wittner (you can't see them closely but they are amazing black, grey and green snakeskin boots with a super-thin high heel - I am in love!)
Tee shirt - Target
Necklace - seven rings of luck - 21st present from close friends
Ring - Diva
Hairclip - Mimco

I drank Frangelico and lemonade, wedge of lime, no ice. The drink I order if there is no Moscato.

We shared these dishes:

Prawn cutlets wrapped in crispy potato 'noodles'

Chicken and sago balls served in lettuce leaves

Lamb stirfry

Duck curry

Banana fritters with coconut icecream

Pumpkin custard with vanilla icecream

It was all delicious! And beautifully presented. Look at how delicate the prawn cutlets are!

The decor was also stunning.

I had such a great time with J tonight and am really glad to have struck up a conversation with a stranger on the train. I challenge you to do the same - you never know, you may just create a close friendship!


  1. Love your outfit and you look good with lipstick!
    Glad you have such nice pharmacy friends, I'm friends with my local post office girls (cause my family have a PO box - no mail deliveries to my house).


  2. Carly, you look lovely. I'm digging the dress - gorgeous colour and pretty lace details.

    That's inspiring that you've made a special friendship with J. I'm usually too shy to speak to strangers but reading your post has given me a bit more courage.

    Sounds like a great night. Delicious food and enjoyable company is always a winner :)

  3. sounds like a wonderful night and I adore your outfit!

  4. Oh such delicious looking food, and so glad you had a lovely evening and how great all of this came about from conversing with someone on a train.... What life should be all about .....x

  5. Carly,
    Hello! Up at the crack of dawn, itching to blog. Survived work last night. I am F-R-E-E!!!

    You look gorgeous. I do like the lipstick too. Colour is good.

    Drooling over the food.

    Kudos for making a new friend in an unexpected place. I admire that.


    SSG xxx

    PS - sorry for the monologue :-P

  6. That food looks amazing! Good food + great company.. Sounds like a wonderful night :)

  7. You look great - I love your dress! It's such a pretty colour.

    Food looks amazing too

  8. you look awesome!..proving to the world target can make you look chic... dinner looks fantastic too! jealous much?
    hope youre having a good long weekend. love danielle

  9. Your outfit is gorgeous! And please continue to wear lipstick! It looks awesome and draws attention to your lovely smile! :)

    Oooh and your dinner looked fantastic.

  10. So glad you had such a great night with J Carly!! :-) It's wonderful when you meet people like that. You looked great too by the way :-) and the food looks delicious yum!

    Take care
    Melanie xx

  11. So nice to hear that you had a fabulous dinner at Khao San Road. I wish I could have one also. And I hope I could also visit one hotel there to relaxed.


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