06 April 2010

Drumroll please...

Today was a great day!

Back at work, seeing my fantastic colleagues.

I had dinner and saw Hannah Gadsby's Comedy Festival show with lovely bloggers Hayley and Jen.

My elephant brooch came from Tennessee. Cutest. Brooch. Ever.

I bumped into an old friend at the tram stop.

I bought the new Rush DVD box set to celebrate...

My blog entry being published into a real article for a credible website!

So that's what I told you about a few weeks ago.

I submitted some of my writing to a website called DiVine. It's an online community run by the Victorian Office for Disability in the Department of Planning and Community Development. The article has been modified to suit the website, but I'm so thrilled that my writing style has been maintained throughout. I am equally pleased it appears on a government site.

You can view it at the DiVine website.

The photo was taken by the very talented Joanne Ginn.


Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting and encouraging me with my writing. This blog has helped me on the path to my dreams.


  1. I'm so freaking happy for you Carly!! ♥

  2. Congratulations Carly! I love your article and am so glad you have a public platform to discuss raising awareness without sensationalism or exploitation. I have always felt so strongly about that and am thrilled to read your words.

  3. Thats such great news Carly!! Congrats - You should be really proud of yourself :)

  4. I am SO thrilled for you Carly, massive congratulations hun! x

  5. wow! ccongratulations this is awesome.
    i just read the article and you write so well!

  6. Hey everyone

    thank you all so much for the wishes and support and comments. I am so excited about the article and more excited that people are reading it!

  7. yaaay! I had a great day meeting you too!!! :D


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