15 November 2010

Yooralla Media Award and another announcement!

Today I was honoured and humbled to be presented with a Yooralla Media Award for the online media category. 

I won the award for a body of work that I wrote for DiVine

The articles I received my award for were:
In Control and telling my story 
Someone will come along 
Love the skin you're in 

It was a surprise to win this award because of the calibre and prestige of winners (including journalists from the ABC, The Australian, SBS and Triple J) and judges (including senior staff from The Age, Channel 7 news, The Australian, and Herald and Weekly Times, and Rhonda Galbally and Stella Young). Wow. Seriously, wow.

As I said in my speech, the others who have won, or received a highly commended, or who entered and didn't win, are prestigious journalists. And I am merely a writer. Telling funny stories.

I was perhaps the only winner who told my own story. The other entries told stories of hope, determination, the every day, and the confronting. I will showcase the winners when the Yooralla page is updated.

I thank DiVine for giving me the opportunity to write, and my blog readers, family, friends and colleagues for encouraging me to write for a bigger audience. Who would have thought, the internet is so big, and I was chosen as the winner!

It was a lovely afternoon. My Mum, my manager and my friend from work came with me, plus the editor of DiVine and a staff member. There was wine and canapes. And I have a beautiful certificate. And I got to wear my new dress! 
In other news, I have been asked to write for the ABC's online disability portal. It launches on 3 December 2010. It is such a big honour to be asked to write for the ABC! The ABC. Wow! Seriously. Wow.


  1. What a fantastic and well-deserved honour! Congratulations. :)

  2. Congratulations Carly, what a proud moment. Much love to you!!

  3. Wow, fantastic achievements!! Congratulations! :)
    The dress looks very chic as well ;)

  4. Congratulations Carly! That is superb news.

  5. Congratulations. You look fantastic in your dress too.

  6. congrats that is awesome, you are so deserving... good luck with everything :)

  7. Congratulations Carly! Good luck with writing for the ABC - it sounds like such an amazing opportunity.

    xx Patty

  8. Well done Carly - lots of admiration going out to you!

  9. Carly this is fabulous!! Well deserved, lovely, well done. I love reading your insightful and refreshing words.
    Heidi xo


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