26 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is in the air. I love Christmas - the present purchasing (and exchanging) is my favourite. Actually, present exchange and carol singing are the only real Christmassy things I do. Nevertheless, I'm already in the Christmas spirit!
Today at work, my American colleague brought in pumpkin pie.
And canned cream!
It was delicious!!!

My first taste of pumpkin pie was last December, when the same colleague brought in a pumpkin pie. It was like a custard tart. My Aussie colleagues and I can't fathom how Americans eat pumpkin as a dessert.
I had one piece at morning tea, and then after lunch, I was presented with a pie box and a slice of pie on my desk. Thanks D and N :)
The pumpkin pie was to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am quite ignorant to the meaning of Thanksgiving, but I like the idea of giving thanks and celebrating with a feast.

I am thankful for a loving family, great friends, and so many wonderful opportunities happening for me. I am living the life I imagined - being a real writer!

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but I lived vicariously through the TV show Felicity.
I was always a Ben girl.

When I watched Thanksgiving scenes on Felicity, I loved the family spirit the holiday creates. I think Thanksgiving should be an Australian holiday too!

I don't have a holiday tree like Faux Fuschia. But last week I spent an hour lunching in the sunshine with my new lovely writing friend Pauline. I saw a giant holiday tree in the city, perched atop astroturf. (I personally think Faux Fuschia should be its chief decorator.)

Here is my view from the park bench.

And look at the beautiful sky. A sign an Australian Christmas (and the heat of summer I dread) is on its way.
I mentioned I love to give presents. I have done most of my Christmas shopping already. I am going on a day trip to country Victoria tomorrow and hope to pick up a few things from the boutiques there. Stores pull out their best bags at Christmas - here is one I got from Kikki K.
I love to carefully choose the gifts, thinking of my recipients' likes, personalities and hobbies, and then lovingly wrap them.

When I wrap Christmas presents, I think of Love Actually...

...well actually, not of Billy Mack and his girls, but Rowan Atkinson wrapping the necklace for Alan Rickman's mistress.
My Tiffany experience reminded me of that scene!

I hope your Christmas preparation is going well :)

Tonight will comprise takeaway noodles, pink wine and watching Love Actually for the 878th time, and then perhaps Felicity. I adore Love Actually so much <3


  1. Dear Ms Carly, I love that scene from Love Actually too. Now that I have children, I put quite a lot of thought into what come from Santa and what comes from us. I love the wrapping and hiding of their presses. I think the secret to a happier Christmas shopping experience is doing exactly what you have done, ie shop early. Sometimes I prevaricate too much. I do love the photo of your toes and your tree. I hope that it is one of those funny summers where we have to occasionally wear a cardie for your sake.

  2. I love pumpkin pie! My mum used to make it all the time when I was little and I adored it. Soooo delicious.

    It doesn't feel like Christmas to me yet, despite the decorations and the Christmas sales and the crowds of people at the shops. Maybe I've been too caught up in work to really notice it...

  3. omg Love Actually is the funniest movie! It's also really touching though. And pumpkin pie is DELISH! I love pumpkin anything really :)It's funny once Fall hits here in North America because it's pumpking stuff EVERYWHERE!

  4. My mom always baked Pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving and the taste is just so awesome.

  5. I watch Love Actually every year at the start of December. It always feels like the start of the Christmas celebrations for me... It is in my equal top 4 movies of all time.

  6. Loved Love Actually. So well executed - all those different love relationships... Emma Thompson broke my heart though!
    It's funny - I hadn't even considered Christmas before reading this post. Thanks for reminding me. Time to get into the spirit...

  7. I used to work in a jewellery shop and got my kicks from imitating Rowan Atkinson's marvellous showy-offy-show-the-jewellery thing. I didn't drag it out for half as long, though, for fear that my poor customers would get impatient.

    (Some of them loved it, though... go figure.)

  8. I am desperate to try pumpkin pie!! I must get a christmas tree. December is only a few days away...
    Heidi xo


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