24 November 2010

Six at Best - Eddie Perfect - Offspring

Even after my excitement fueled review of the first episode of Offspring, I did not warm to the show as much as I'd hoped.

This photo sums up my feelings.
I didn't know whether it was a medical dramady with mild slapstick, or a supernatural fantasy - based on Nina's inner mind/outer body experiences almost each episode? Was it a strict rom-com? Or was it a romantic musical comedy cross medi-drama, with characters sometimes kissing, Eddie Perfect sometimes singing and babies sometimes being delivered? Shrug.

The show provided me with a few laughs, and tears too. But the continued will-they-won't-they? situation between Nina and Chris made me frustrated. I found it repetitive. I was much more interested in the side stories of the other characters, specifically the way Jimmy drifts through life doing drug trials for money and having adventures with really attractive women.
To be honest, the only thing keeping me from changing the channel was Nina and Billie's clothes.

Well actually, the whole damn cast is stylish. I remained loyal because I couldn't wait to see what they'd wear next.
However, I think the pub song scene in the last episode of the season finally won me over.

I laughed so hard at this. Friends were talking about it on Facebook, and even the next day, I saw a reference to the song at work. It's so romantic, yet so awkwardly cringeworthy. What an apology!
I found the lyrics on this forum:
Six At Best
Babe, I know it’s crazy that I slept with your sister
We got drunk on vodka and I totally kissed her
Things got out of hand
I felt rejected and pissed, hurt and lonely
But as far as sex with your sister goes
There’s something you should know

Your sister’s a 6, the sex was 6 at best
A 6 at the most, and maybe even less
‘Cos her desperation wrecked the mood
She made love like a starving person clutching at food
And it’s difficult to stay aroused
When you’re surrounded by a thousand owls
Baby, it’s impossible to overstress
Your sister’s a 6, and that’s being generous

She must have nervous 'cos she couldn’t stop talking
She told me ‘bout the doctor that she’s borderline stalking
In bed your sister’s less active than Steven Hawking on Prozac
And I know it’s no excuse, but, baby, it’s the truth
Your sister’s a 6, the sex was 6 at most
You’re like a 12 course banquet, and she’s just toast
‘Cos she wanted feedback on whether she was getting it right
She’s got more baggage than a Quantas flight
It was rarely hit and mostly miss
And the weirdest bit – she kept calling me Chris
And I swear to god, it will never happen again
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10

You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10

And I know you think you’ve gotta be tough
That you’re never really good enough
Well the truth is, girl, that you’re not her
And in fact, you’re the woman that I prefer
And I know we don’t often get things right
I just wanted the chance to say to you tonight
You’re my everything, you’re my lover and my best friend
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10
You’re sister’s a 6 and you’re a perfect 10
Eddie Perfect, the actor who plays Mick in Offspring writes and composes songs for the show.
Talented and cute!

And you can even buy Six at Best from iTunes!

Offspring: you aren't my new Secret Life of Us or Love My Way, but I'll give you another go next year. Thanks Mick/Eddie Perfect for finally drawing me in whole heartedly.

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  1. Eddie Perfect is my favourite. I downloaded 6 at best straight away. I love the show :) -Lucy

  2. I loved the song. Thanks for posting the lyrics.

    SSG xxx

    PS - can't wait for season 2.

  3. I agree about the clothes, everytime I wear a 'summer scarf' now I think of Nina; but my favourite thing is Nina's apartment, I want to live there very much.

  4. i LOVE offspring and that song made me laugh so hard! hilarious!

  5. Thanks for posting! I love Offspring, and the fashion is perfect... i'm sure a read somewhere that a lot of Nina's wardrobe is vintage though :(

  6. it wasn't too bad, I stuck with it too (mostly) and cried at the end :P
    it was kind of similar to Scrubs (not as hilarious or good), hospital, comedy and drama, dr, Nina's inner monologue was just like JD's, Nina/Chris and Elliot/JD (although Nina/Chris was more Meredith/Mcdreamy..)
    I also liked the other character's storylines more than the Nina/Chris will-they-won't-they?

  7. I love Offspring! Jimmy is my favourite, so overlooked..

  8. i've just come across your blog and so agree with the whole Chris/Nina scenario. I stopped watching because it seemed pathetic to me. I started fresh with Season 2 and loved it. As with everyone else, love love love, the fashion!

  9. My wife and I LOVE offspring! It is one of THE 3 BEST Australian shows ever! We can't get enough of it. The cast are absolutely perfect and I cannot think of anyone else who could do justice to Nina or Billie. The whole cast are great. Don't even notice it's a TV program, they play their characters SO convincingly it's like a hidden camera show! Cannot wait till we get season 3 in New Zealand!

  10. This sums up my feelings exactly about 'Offspring' too, Carly!


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