19 February 2011

It is ok meeting people from the internet. Really.

On Wednesday night I met a wonderful friend from the internet. Kylie and I have been chatting online and texting for about three years after 'meeting' on the Vogue Forums. We both share a love for stylists Trinny and Susannah and Kylie happened to meet them at Westfield in Sydney. I mentioned I love Trinny and Susannah and we hit it off from there!

Last Christmas Kylie and I did a Kris Kringle for each other - she bought me such pretty things.

It was raining hard when she arrived, and lots of water on the road. So we went local, to Taco Bills.

Kylie had potato skins filled with meat.
I had a mixed plate of taco, burrito and enchilada.

Kylie and I chatted a mile a minute. It was so good to finally meet her.
We took a detour, looking for dessert, but no where was open. We saw this beautiful dog though. I fell in love with him.

It's so cool the way we can make friends now! The internet is a wonderful way of bringing people together. In fact, I am meeting another internet friend tomorrow!


  1. If you love beautiful doggies you might like my blog as much as mum likes yours!

  2. It is a lovely thing meeting people from blog land!

    I love tacos!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. Yaaayayayaa!! Looks like you had a fantastic first meet Carly. Food looks smashing!

  4. Absolutely! Some of my best friends came from the internet. I think it helps that the internet allows you to meet up with people who share your interests, which is something that doesn't easily happen in everyday life.

  5. I know all about meeting people from the internet... I met my boyfriend on the net when I was trying to meet people after I moved to NJ for a year...
    It's a great tool to meet people who you may not normally meet due to the circles they run in, the jobs they do etc.


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