18 February 2011

Remix round up

Here is most of my work week of 30 for 30 remix outfits. So close to the finishing line!

It's been fun, but I miss my wardrobe of a million things!

The no shopping thing isn't killing me as much as last week, and I'm not even sad about staying away from the shops.

What is difficult is the lack of clothing choices I have. I yearn to wear some of my items. I think this challenge is teaching me to appreciate what I have in my wardrobe.

Monday. Outfit 16. I had work then the taping of the Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight show.
My only acknowledgment of Valentine's Day was asking a courier if the flowers were for me.
I wore a Target dress, Sportsgirl blazer, Wittner heels, Mimco floral headband and bangle and Tiffany necklace.
I also met Megan Gale.
Tuesday. Outfit 17. I was tired from the late night previously. I worked. And was appointed to a more senior role, temporarily, starting soon.
 I wore my Target blouse, Valleygirl skirt, Diana Ferrari shoes, Mimco floral headband and Temt scarf.
I like this outfit a lot. And so did a truck driver, it seemed. He gave me a thumbs up while I was being photographed!
Wednesday. Outfit 18. More work. And humidity. Humidity makes my curls good. I like this outfit a lot too!
Target pants, DFO sandals, Sussan cardi, Valleygirl tee, Mimco floral headband, Tiffany necklace, Lavallier bangle.
Wednesday night. I went out to dinner. It was hot and rainy. I met a beautiful dog that I spent a lot of time patting. He was adorable.
I wore Witchery cardi and bangle, Sunnygirl dress, leather sandals, Tiffany necklace and Mimco bow headband.
Thursday. Beautiful and sunny. I voted for a meeting in the park. Colleagues who didn't attend said 'awww'.
 I tried a bandana again.
I wore skirt by Valleygirl, top by Temt, cardi by Cotton On, brooch handmade from broken clip on earring, scarf is years old and I think Sportsgirl, shoes by Diana Ferrari, hairclips from Mimco and necklace by Tiffany.
I sense a theme. Mimco and Tiffany.

In mundane news:

I baked a really good beige dinner on Tuesday night. Roast chicken Maryland and Dutch cream potatoes. Tasted so yummy, probably really bad for me.

And I was excited about dipping into my GIANT tub of cream (vaseline). Look how much bigger it is compared to my usual quantity!


  1. I agree, beige foods are so tasty yet probably so bad for you... Except hummus which I'm having now.

    Loving the Remix.

    Have a great weekend, Carly.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Haha, years ago at the worst of my stomach issues, I had a boss ask me why I only ate beige food. Haven't heard that term again till now! Thought all those chicken sandwiches were good for me. :)


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