13 February 2011

Been spending most of my (Friday) night living in a bogan's paradise

Remember how I wrote about how many things Victoria Beckham and I have in common? That she stole my dress? Well it turns out another celebrity and I have things in common too. Who would have thought? Axl Rose and I. Two peas in a pod.
His Wikipedia page is frankly too long for me to read. But there were some bolded words that stood out for me. The things Axl and I share in common:

The Guns n Roses album Chinese Democracy. I studied Chinese at school, in a democratic country, for five years.

The Guns n Roses album Appetite for Destruction. I have a large appetite. And I also like spaghetti, and The Gunners also have an album called The Spaghetti incident.

We both like singing along to bogan rock music.

He was kinda hot. Me too!

Wow. The commonalities between us are astounding.

The biggest commonality between us is that we have both worn a bandana on our heads.

Him through his career:

(Hasn't he aged well?)

And me on Friday night. Outfit 12 of the 30 for 30 remix challenge:
I wore a tee from Jeanswest, jeans from Sussan, Fauxverse from Big W, jacket from Target, necklace from Etsy and bandana from Sportsgirl.
I'd never worn a bandana on my head until Friday night. It was strange. Part hat, part headband, less than girly. Fun though, in an Axl Rose kind of way.

A word of warning. I am going to get a bit judgey. Read on at your own peril.

I didn't intentionally dress bogan style on Friday night, but I guess it was apt since I was suspended in this parallel universe of bogan and glamour.

When I mentioned this on my Facebook, I received a comedic gold reply from a friend. 'Where are you? Warnie's house?' !!!! FYI- Warnie is Shane Warne, former Australian cricketer who is having a romance with Liz Hurley. It's being played out on Twitter. Melbourne's abuzz with the 'news'. On a side note, I was very secretly excited to know Liz has shown interest in Burrumbuttock, the tiny town where I went to pre-school. Exciting times!

While I wasn't at Warnie's loveshack, I was with three friends at the Baby Animals gig at Trak. Wow, what an experience!

I felt underdressed (there were women in gowns kept from the 1990s), overdressed (there were women with leopard print dresses that were so high butt cheeks were exposed - 'at what point did she say "that dress is amazing!"?' was the second golden quote of the night), really young (possibly the only song I recognised in the DJ set was Roxette's) and really old (see point about leopard print dresses, and also the noise of the support act). Wow, it was really something!

Trak is plush and elegant. It's an ok small music venue - though I wouldn't rush to go there again as it's more of a nightclub There were four bars. And disco balls. Plenty of seating. There was also a lounge in the toilet. No snacks though.

The support act were not a good fit for the main act - so awful I'm not writing anymore about them.

By the time the Baby Animals came on, I was exhausted, and a bit deaf. Plus my jaw had dropped many times, not knowing whether dresses were tops, or how old is too old for women in backless tops. But I soldiered on.
The Baby Animals were great! With no energy to navigate to the front of the room, we made our way to the forsaken VIP area - a lounge with fallen velvet rope and a reserved sign - it was a good viewing platform for the band.
They played their greatest hits - well the songs I knew anyway - Rush You, One Word, Early Warning, and Painless - plus more. I was nine or 10 when the Baby Animals were big.
Suze Demarchi is a fantastic rock chick! She's 46 and looks so gorgeous. And that raspy voice is sexy. I guess she fits between Chrissie Amphlett and Sarah McLeod on the Aussie rock chick timeline?
The show was rock fueled, energetic and a nice trip down memory lane.

I took some video of a song from their gig. Sorry I didn't get it all, but I wanted to dance around to my favourite.

And that's another band from my childhood crossed off the list! My inner bogan rock chick is satisfied.


  1. You're rocking (pun intended :P) the Axl Rose look, Carly! Yay for satisfying your inner bogan. Sounds like a fun night! I don't know of these guys, but the chick sure does seem to be super cool.
    Heidi xo

  2. I think your outfit style is more French Riviera with a touch of the bogan.

    Thanks for making me smile with today's post.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. That Axle Rose quip packed me up. I can't believe how OLD he is!!! Eep!!! He reminds me of meatloaf hahahahaaa as in the singer not the food hahahaaha.

  4. Hahaha, the Axl part of this post made me laugh out loud. Thanks Carly :)

  5. I used to love Axl too! I met Suze a couple of weeks ago at The Day on the Green. I put a photo on my blog. I have SUCH a girl crush on her!!! Thanks for the video its great :)


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