09 February 2011

Victoria Beckham raided my wardrobe!

Victoria Beckham and I are so alike!

We are both stick figures with superfast metabolisms.

We are both stinking rich and love shopping.

We both have great legs.
We both have hot celebrity partners*, and wear big sunglasses.
We're both not very talented at singing.

We both have big breasts - all natural of course.
 And we both have the same dress.
Two of my colleagues said I was wearing my Victoria Beckham dress yesterday. One colleague said she loved this dress. I asked if she meant mine or Posh's. 'Yours, of course!'. Awww shucks!
Word has it she raided my wardrobe after she read my blog.
My outfit is number 9 of the 30 for 30 remix. 
I was going for simple, elegant and warm. Dress is Target, top is Glassons, necklace was a gift, hairclip is Mimco and shoes are Diana Ferrari. I love the zipper on the back, and the peplum skirt.
Posh's dress is stolen from my wardrobe.

*My celebrity partner only exists in my mind.


  1. Hi gorgeous...
    I would die for her closet though:)

    Have a great day down under...

  2. Such a cute post. I enjoyed reading it. Your dress is very lovely.

  3. You guys are like twins! I think the dress looks much better on you though. The cut is beautiful, and I love the zipper detail on the back. (P.S. Thank you for all the lovely blog comments!)

  4. Baaaaaaaaaaaaahahaahhaaaaa brilliant post Carly!!!

  5. I think I need to visit Target more often, i love that dress!

  6. How did you find that dress!? Fab find. You wear it well!

  7. nooooo waaaaay! go Tarjaaaay ;)
    Seriously, I'm going through a rediscovery of my love for Target. Just got a Dirty Dancing Calendar from there for around $6! So some of the images aren't great - some are so might have a go framing!

    and your post made me smile, as always! Xx


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