04 February 2011

Challenging the remix

Tuesday was the first day of the 30 for 30 remix challenge! (Remember my items?) And it was a challenge. 40 degrees and two outfits needed!

First up was work. I started the extremely hot day with a really hearty porridge. I woke up from the heat at 5.00 am so I cooked quinoa in the microwave ready for when I got out of bed at 7.15 am. I then added oats and a chopped apple, and milk, and cooked it on the stove while I showered. When I came to eat it, I added one banana, a handful of blueberries, a spoon of yoghurt and some brown sugar. I had half a mango nectar too. It was great, and kept my tummy full until 12.30 pm!
I wanted my clothes to keep me cool. But I got cold in the office at work so I went out few times to get a blast of 40 degree wind.

I wore three of my remix items here. I took the mint green blazer too but didn't wear it.
My dress is Sunnygirl, cardi is Sussan, singlet is Metalicus, sandals made way back when I was at highschool, headband is Mimco, necklace is Wiyomu and bangle is Diva.
Good outfit, and lots of comments on my dress!

Next was the Sia concert.
 The temperature dropped to 25 degrees by then. There were nice views of the bay.
 And the Palais looked beautiful.
I was excited about this outfit. I took inspiration from Dirty Hair Halo. If I couldn't wear my turquoise pyjama pants to Sia, when could I?

Unfortunately I didn't have a friend to photograph my outfit at Sia, so I got a stranger to photograph me near the poster. It was a good excuse for a photo, and I didn't want to explain the whole remix challenge to him. He took two photos, but cut off my legs, so you don't get to see the wonderful floaty legs of the pants.
 I wore four items from the remix. It was fun!
Pyjama pants from Sussan, shirt from Target, vest from Truworths in South Africa, high heeled sandals (not pictured) from DFO, hairclip from Mimco, necklace from Etsy, ring from Diva and bangle a gift from parents. I had a purple Giordano singlet underneath my shirt. The outfit was cool and made me feel tall.

Wednesday. Not as hot.

Forgot my vaseline. I went to the 7/11 to get a jar.

The 7/11 sales assistant didn't know what vaseline is. I had to explain it to him. 'It's an oil'. And then I wrote a note (on my Facebook) to the 7/11 'sales assistant':

Dear 7/11 register guy. When I ask for Vaseline, I don't need it for cooking. Therefore it won't be kept with the cooking oils.

I was considering pointing out the condoms and lubricants and suggesting one usually finds vaseline there.
I wore top from Temt (which colleagues thought was from Cue!), skirt from Valleygirl, striped tights from Target, bling necklace from Sportsgirl, ring from Div and shoes from Diana Ferrari.

Thursday. I woke to a litany of crap events. Ok, three. In the scheme of the current natural disaster situation, it's not too bad. But still, I felt sad. I couldn't be bothered with the remix challenge, but I held steady and stayed committed. I wanted a punching bag. Instead I took my frustrations out by cleaning at work. I also wanted to pity shop, but I also held steady and resorted to reading Shop til You Drop mag instead. Go me.
To the anon blog commenter who told me that my face is so red I should go on the TV segment Red Faces. Yeah. Your joke's really original. I did actually get a place on TV because of my red face, I bet you're not on TV.
I wore a jacket from Target, skirt from Valleygirl, tee from Jeanswest, necklace from Wiyomu, scarf was a present from Mum and shoes from Diana Ferrari.

Steve Poltz linked to my blog too. And my article for Ramp Up was on the Best of the ABC page! Quite exciting things to happen :)

View the other remixes here, and the star of the show, Kendi Everyday!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Great outfits, Carly.

    You're going to ace this challenge.

    Red Faces. Hmmmm. Of all the original comments a person could make...

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

    PS - sorry about the deletion. Accidental cut and paste error.

  3. I don't understand why people feel the need to leave ridiculous comments like that - they need to seriously get a life!
    Anyhow, I totally love the Wednesday outfit!

  4. Love the sunnygirl dress Carly it's so pretty!! xxx

  5. I love the maxi dress, I thought it looked like peacock feathers at first. And the green top from Temt is cute as well...I think green/teal really suits you! :)

  6. That is such an immature comment, clearly creativity isn't one of 'anon's' strengths.

    Anyhoo, loving this 30:30 remix challenge!! You've already pulled out all stops. All my patient's were watching the storm new updates yesterday :( :( :( even the sickest ones, young people who can't move, do any daily care etc... because their muscles and spine are failing them... they can talk though... and they were heartbroken that the poor people of QLD are getting hurt again.

    So sad.


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