07 February 2011

Remix catch up.

Here are two outfits from the 30 for 30 fashion remix. I'm almost a week in. It's fun. Let me know if you're doing the remix too!

Sunday was dinner out. I went corporate rockstar.

Maybe corporate rock fan is more accurate. Band tee, blazer, skirt, glitter tights, ballet flats and necklace.
I have never worn this skirt outside of work. Now I might just do that. It works well.
Blazer from Target, Bob Evans tee, skirt from Valleygirl, shoes from Diana Ferrari. My belt is about 10 years old, from Jay Jays. The brooch on the belt is an old belt buckle I had from when I was three. My ring is Diva and looks more blingy than my Tiffany necklace. I don't know where my tights are from.
I ate this. A chicken parma. It was so-so.
I drank this. It was my friend's suggestion. Raspberry cider. Apple cider with a splash of raspberry cordial. It was great!
Today was a beautiful day. Much cooler than it has been. And sunny. This was the sky.
And here's what I wore today. I dreamed that this remix would work. It worked well, but I felt quite short and bulky in my blouse.
I am happy with the colours together, and I mixed prints as suggested by a lovely blog reader (and blogger) Wandering and Blathering.
My blouse is from Target, cardi from Witchery, skirt is Mink Pink, shoes are Diana Ferrari, hairclip is Mimco and ring is Diva.
Hope you all had a good Monday!

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  1. Love the skirt and leggings look AND the mashing up of prints. xox


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