23 February 2011

The end is nigh

I'm on the home stretch of the 30 for 30 remix.

It's easy not to shop, but as I wrote last week, it feels a little dull to only have a small portion of my wardrobe to choose from. It's like wearing a uniform, but takes more thinking. I want to wear my cornflower blue dress that I wore to the Rush premiere. I want to wear my red skirt. My navy ruffle top. The multitude of dresses I have for work. I want to dive into my wardrobe and go crazy. I really have no desire to buy anything new. Except to replace my Diva bling ring that I have lost. One thing I have discovered is that I could quite happily wear my black ballet flats forever. Versatile!

Outfit 24. A bit the same as outfit 23. A bit different too.
Target blazer, Valleygirl tee and skirt, Diana Ferrari shoes, Mimco headband, Lavallier bangle and Tiffany necklace.
Outfit 25. I felt like I was wearing a bodysuit. I used to have a floral bodysuit from Miss Shop, circa 1993. It was cold so I wore my lace flower scarf and pleather jacket.
Someone said it was a good outfit. I think it was too. My boobs looked big yet my tummy was flat. Win!
Sussan cardi, Mink Pink skirt, Basque top, Diana Ferrari shoes, Mimco headband, Lavallier bangle and Tiffany necklace.
Outfit 26. I had lunch at the hospital with lovely Camille, blogger from Curlypops, who guest blogged earlier. It was nice to see her - and hopefully next time we won't meet at the hospital!
I wore Target blouse and trousers, Cotton On cardi, Diana Ferrari shoes, Mimco headband and Lavallier bangle - I am loving the bangle!

Hope you all had a good day!

On a serious note, my thoughts are with the New Zealanders who have endured a serious earthquake. It's tragic. Mother nature has not been kind recently.


  1. Outfit 26 rocks, Carly!

    I can't bring myself to look at photos of Christchurch. Hearing the survivors' stories was so heart breaking.

    SSG xxx

  2. It was lovely to catch up for a quick lunch! Would you believe it - I got back upstairs and the doctor had gone to a ward and I had to wait another ten minutes. We could have kept chatting after all.


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