17 February 2011

Jebediah at the St Kilda Festival

After eight years living in Melbourne, I went to the St Kilda Festival for the first time on Sunday.  I happened to leave my camera battery charging at home, so I had to make do with my iPhone camera. I was disappointed. Apologies.

It was a beautiful day. I only went for two hours. Just to see Jebediah.
So many people packed the streets, enjoying the free entertainment and stalls.
Jebediah played on the foreshore near the sea baths. I loved their energy. I'm glad they're still kicking around.
There was moshing. And crowd surfing. Much different to a Bob Evans gig I'm used to. I loved it!
 I was so so happy to hear Harpoon then She's Like a Comet. I died. Wow.
My week-long crash course in listening to Jebediah songs paid off because I knew a lot more words than I thought I did!
I started off viewing them from far away then realised I could have been down the front for a longer time!
I saw a man with two beautiful Newfoundlands. They were so affectionate. And big! I asked for a photo. He asked me to hold them while he took the photo. I was hoping they'd stay still, because they'd just bolted after some small dogs.
Fortunately there were no uh-oh moments. Unfortunately you can't really see me in the photos. But the dogs still look gorgeous. And I was still doing the 30 for 30 remix - outfit 15: Bob Evans tee, denim shorts, hat, sunnies and ballet flats.


Someone kindly recorded Harpoon. I die. 


  1. I have always loved live music:)
    It is the way music should be heard...

    Have a great Friday...

  2. Newfies are so cute! My Indonesian teacher used to always tell stories of her dog Barry to me and my class back when we were in high school.


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