07 February 2011

Music I've been missing - Jebediah, Harpoon

Like a lot of music I love, I seem to make discoveries more than a decade too late. It's happened with Nirvana, and it's currently happening with Jebediah.

As mentioned last Saturday, I love She's Like a Comet. It's catchy and fun. And I LOVE Bob Evans - he can be catchy and fun too. So I kinda got the feeling that Jebediah, back in the day, would sound catchy and fun. Right? Right!

And so I listened to them over the weekend. And my feelings were right. Catchy and fun! Great lyrics, awesome rocking sound, upbeat and downbeat. I love Leaving Home, Animal, Nothing Lasts Forever and Fall Down. Not at all scary like I feared in 1998.

How can a band be scary eating rainbow lolly snakes?

Remember when I interviewed The Basement Birds and told them that when Jebediah started out, I was listening to Savage Garden? I don't know why as a 16 year old, I didn't realise that the two bands could co-exist, harmoniously in my music collection. Hindsight and YouTube and JB HiFi are useful tools. (Don't worry, I haven't broken my spending ban - I already own Of Someday Shambles and Braxton Hicks which I bought a few years back, but I did spend $1.69 on She's Like a Comet from iTunes - kill me now.)

I declared my love for She's Like a Comet on Bob Evans' Facebook.
I feel like I've missed out on something special in the Australian music scene. Jebediah is the music I've been missing.

This is the Jebediah song I've fallen in love with. Such a gorgeous sound.

The lyrics are so beautiful, and really pertinent.

This will take some explaining but I think you will agree
There is no use pretending that there's hope for you and me

And I love her, but do you think she can see
When I tell her, it's the end for you and me
It was over, ever since you went and shot me

Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon in my heart....

Like a harpoon
Like a harpoon in my heart


I can handle the fighting, it's the affection I can't stand
And I don't mind us talking, just don't try and touch my hand

When you left I didn't want you back
But now your gone so won't you come right back
Come right back [x 5]

Why does it hurt
Simple matters don't seem worth
We're the same but it's not happening again

They're back with a new record soon. Read about it here. Thank goodness for them coming out of retirement, or I may never have discovered this wonderful band more than a decade after they first hit the big time.


  1. Jebediah are a wonderful band! Harpoon was my teenage heartbreak song, hahaha. I'm so glad you posted this, or I never would have realised they were releasing another album, I am that out of the loop.

  2. Harpoon is always linked with Heavy Heart by You am I in my head... they were one after the other on the Hottest 100 CD from that year. Thank god you're catching up now, such wonderful stuff from that era of Australian music. But just to clear something up, and it's said with the greatest affection but you got one thing very wrong - Savage Garden cannot exist harmoniously in anybody's CD collection. It is the Devil's pop duo.

  3. I love Harpoon! It takes me back :) So great to hear they have a new album!
    Heidi xo

  4. I love with when you do posts like this:)
    Have a great day Carly!



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