01 February 2011

Steve Poltz at Riverview Function Centre, Footscray

Steve Poltz
Riverview Function Centre, Footscray
30 January 2010

I braved the heat on Sunday to see Steve Poltz play again.
He is too awesome to forfeit because of the weather. Fortunately the show was close to where I live, but unfortunately there was very limited parking near the venue and I had to walk a little way in the boiling temperature. By the time I got inside I was exhausted! Fortunately Riverview had airconditioning (worked better when the temperature outside reduced) and free lime juice cordial for me to cool down.

The Riverview Function Centre overlooks nice scenery. You can see the Maribyrnong River, the city skyline and Footscray Park. Very pretty.

To the left of Riverview, the Big Day Out was on. At times I could hear the dull thump of the music over the gig I was at. I described it as a kind of a mass cross pollination of music genres. I'm guessing Rammstein, Sia, Tool and Iggy Pop could be faintly heard over Poltz and his support acts.

First up at Riverview was Bec Hannan and Scott Sanders. 
This was the first time they played together. They were nice - her voice quite folky, and his deep like Ben Folds or Tim Freedman. Her lyrics were inspired by nature, and his were funny, rather literal. He sang a funny song called Frocks and Cocaine, about what might have been at the Melbourne Cup (the Flemington Racecourse just over the way). I like them a lot. Bec said she'd read my previous review of Steve Poltz. Actually a few of the audience members last night had read it!

Next was Jessica Paige with Joshua Romig and Shane Reilly
Jessica sang most of the songs and Joshua sang one. I loved his voice. Jessica was a bit jazzy - a really beautiful and unique sound. She spoke to me after the show and thanked me for watching. A really nice girl. Shane played a string instrument with such precision - it was lovely. (I don't know the name of the instrument pictured, so would appreciate someone telling me!)

The stage banter between Jessica and Josh was gfunny too. There was one moment when Josh told the audience that Jessica has such a small amount of limelight!

Between Jessica Paige and Steve Poltz was a BBQ. I love barbies and this one was great value - I had a steak, gourmet sausage and prawn and a huge plate of four salads.

Steve's gig was late but great! He said it would be 'the funnest show of the tour' and I think it was! He was silly, romantic, childlike, clever and made me think. He told some hilarious stories - Sack Off 99 was my favourite.

I wasn't planning on reviewing it so I was able to sit back and relax more.

He opened the show with Ten Chances, and said 'Carly card' again!

His fantastic guitar skills shone last night.
As did his lyrics. He is a perfectionist, and when he made mistakes in a few songs, he profusely apologised.

There was serenading on chairs...
Throwing chairs...
His glittery guitar case which I love...
A sunset...
Lots of head bobbing and goofy grins...

He did a lot of requests: Street Fighter's Face, Pixie Stick Girl, Cold German, Medical Career...
My favourite part was the ballet followed by yoga poses to his own guitar solo, mid show
And there was an all in singalong...
Gorgeous string work...
There weren't many people at the show. It's a shame because I want the world to see this brilliance. There is also the difficult balance of getting more fans and then the disrespect of some fans. During the all in singalong, a drunk woman heckled 'play Sewing Machine' several times. Steve handled the heckling graciously, but unfortunately did not play Sewing Machine.

After the show, I got my copy of the concert, chatted to Chris Modl and Kate Walker, and had a hug from Steve. He liked my review, which was nice. Another fan took about seven photos of us to ensure at least one turned out ok. Here they are. I like all of them!

Thanks for playing, Steve! It was a privilege to see you - you are an amazing musician - come back to Australia soon!

Oh and I forgot! Steve pashed two audience members!


01 10 Chances                    
02 The Great Mystery                       
03 Dreamhouse                       
04 Chinese Checkers                     
05 Giving Thanks                      
06 I Pray that it Never Comes to This                    
07 Wash the Sins Off My Plate                       
08 Trash                      
09 ABCs of Love                      
10 Chair Song                      
11 Everything About You                       
12 Cold German                    
13 I Needed It                     
14 Street Fighters Face                      
15 From the Top of Her Head                      
16 Pixy Stick Girl                    
17 Sack Off 99                       
18 Medical Career                      
19 Thirteen                       
20 So Lonesome I Could Cry                      
21 I Don't Understand                  


  1. Glad you had a great time, and that it was worth braving the horrible weather!

    I can't be sure, but it looks like that musician Shane in your first picture was playing a lap steel guitar - just a guess.


  2. Carly - do you mean the photo with the guy playing the little guitar? When it's enlarged it's on this page


    ....... IF so then it's a ukelele ....

    Here are the other images that google has for ukelele


    Hope I've understood your question properly!!


  3. Hi Carly, cool review :)
    It really gives a sense of place and the gig. Sounds like a fun gig to have been at- wish I'd known it was on!


  4. Hi Carly! This is Shane Reilly here,great review and great photos! It was a special gig,a joy to watch and more fun than a back pocket full of caterpillars.For the trainspotters,that was a Pedal Steel Guitar I was playing and I did indeed play a ukulele as well.Take care and I'll see you at the next Steve Poltz gig! Cheers.

  5. What a great review. I wish my wife Wini and I could have been present
    at this show. One of Stevey boy's favorite places is Australia. Steve is a
    wonderful entertainer but of course we are quite prejudiced since we're
    his parents. God bless all of you and God bless Australia. Thanks so
    much Carly for this super review.

  6. The place looks truly magical. It's indeed a perfect place to hold a special event.


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