10 February 2011

Blue Valentine review

Blue Valentine.
Not the happiest of films. I've been wanting to see it for a while, and last Friday I had the chance to. I'd been warned it's bleak. But I kind of like bleak films and songs.

It was beautiful, sad, romantic, sexy, hopeful and bleak at the same time.

It stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling - I like both of their work. They were also the executive producers.

Blue Valentine was about a young couple falling out of love. There were flashbacks to happier times together, and at the start, I found the chronology of the film confusing. The themes in the film were centred around giving up your dream due to circumstance. The theory of 'sometimes love just isn't enough' resounded.

The pair rushed into a marriage after Cindy (Williams) found herself pregnant to (probably) a former partner. Dean (Gosling) was very supportive of his wife from the time she told him she was pregnant, and loved being a father to Frankie.

Cindy seemed to be fearful of love. Sex to her was frightening, and not associated with love. I got the impression she couldn't give her body to Dean without the need to feel used, even though he loved and respected her.

I found much of the film surreal due to the scenes in the futuristic themed hotel room. Overall I enjoyed the flashback scenes the most. In these scenes, Ryan Gosling's character showed love in the way I want a man to love me. Through the film, I preferred Dean to Cindy, even when he snapped. She placed too much blame and resentment on him, when I saw him as a mostly pretty decent guy when it came to his family.

My favourite scene was when Dean, as a removalist, decorated an old man's new nursing home room. The thought and dedication he put into that was so moving.

If you're feeling sad, I advise against seeing this. But if melancholy is your thing, please do!

They are such an attractive looking couple. Perhaps a couple in real life?

Ryan Gosling is hot.

And Michelle William is so damn beautiful I could weep.

I think she epitomises elegance.

Michelle Williams is a girl crush and style icon of mine.


  1. Michelle Williams is an amazing actress. I love the way she always looks so elegant, but still has so much personality in the way she dresses. (And of course, Ryan Gosling is smokin'!). This sounds like an interesting movie.

  2. I loved this movie & they are the most beautiful couple. I completely agree with your thoughts on Ryan Gosling's character, I really liked him & would love to be loved & adored like that.

  3. So I guess the BIG question of the day is:)
    Are they REALLY together?

    Personally I don´t care, but they do look really good together:)

    Have a great day.

  4. I love both of them! Great actors. I HOPE they are together, they are too cute as a couple. Ryan is totally hot - and best of all he's CANADIAN!! All the hot ones are Cdn (or Australian *wink*)

  5. Dear Carly,
    I enjoyed this movie even though there were no happy endings. I absolutely adore Ryan Gosling and thought that Michelle Williams was amazing. My friend and I thought in many ways she was playing out her relationship with Heath Ledger. She knew what an awesome father he was yet could not longer bear to be around him.
    I thin Ryan was robbed for an Oscar nomination.
    Kate Bx

  6. I really, really loved this movie. It sure wasn't happy, but so well acted and very moving. The only crappy thing was that I didn't get to see it with you! Glad we have a make up coming up :) xx


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