17 February 2011

Get out and wiggle it

My Saturday had a dance theme. Hence the title of this post - a line from a current favourite song of mine, Sia's Clap Your Hands. 'Get out and wiggle it...' or at least I think that's what she is singing, and what I sing along to!*

First up was the commencement of belly dancing for the year. It was fun! We learnt how to twirl sticks.

This is what I wore:
Outfit 13 of the 30 for 30 remix. I admit I rolled out of bed, bleary eyed, and picked up my tee from the floor - I wore it to the Baby Animals the previous night.
Cardi and harem pants from Cotton On, tee from Jeanswest, scarf was a present, hairclip from Petra, shoes from Diana Ferrari.

I modified my outfit slightly to do belly dancing. Gym clothes are not included in the remix challenge. Unless all you have are gym clothes??
 I love this hipscarf. It's so beautiful and intricate.
Next stop was Grill'd - the best burgers in the world.

My friend and I ventured from our regular burger choices (her's - sweet chilli chicken, mine are bird n brie or baa baa burger). I had caesar, which I thought was a bit salty.
Jentopia and her husband and friend happened to be at Grill'd too - we gatecrashed their table!

I got snacks for the cinema:
I usually only ever eat this popcorn when I fly Virgin Blue because it's sold at Boost Juice, right at the Virgin terminal.
I only drink brown creamy soda at Grill'd.

My friend and I saw Black Swan at the cinema. We were hesitant because some people said they loved it, and others hated it.

Hmmmm is all I can say. It was a film with so many genres. Perhaps a pyscho-sexual lesbian ballet thriller coupled with themes of mental illness and a controlling, fallen star mother? My friend and I were underwhelmed, though.

If you haven't seen the film, this is a spoiler alert.

Beautiful costumes. Good acting. Very sexy. Nina, played by Natalie Portman, really became her character of the Swan Queen. Both mentally and physically. I loved how her skin turned into poultry flesh.

The violence and self harm was so graphic I covered my eyes, asking my friend to tell me when the scenes were over. Some of these scenes seemed to be over the top and a little out of place.

My thoughts were that Mila Kunis' character Lily didn't really exist and she was the figurative embodiment of Nina's mental illness - Nina was sexually suppressive so being with Lily helped her overcome this issue and live out her fantasy. I think that when Nina killed Lily, she really killed the thoughts in her own head so she could give the role of the Swan Queen her best. And when Nina killed herself, she did so because she had reached perfection in her dance career, and frankly, that's all she had in life.
Finally, after an impromptu invite from my beautiful fellow blogger, Twitter friend and Rush fan Jenna, I went to a stage show at Gasworks Park.
Grease 2 Live in concert is playing until 19 February as part of the Midsumma festival. It is based on the 1981 movie which I've never seen.
It was lots of fun! A really talented cast, great singing, lively dancing and nice costumes. Jenna and I sat in the front row and sang along when we weren't grinning madly.
 I met my favourite character after the show! His hair is wild!!
 And I still did the 30 for 30 remix!
My top's Temt, pants are Sussan, bag is Nicola Cerini, sandals are from DFO, jacket is Target, bangle is Mimco and belt is Witchery (it has a beautiful stone buckle on it).
Thanks for the ticket Jenna! Can't wait for the review on your blog :)

What a fun filled Saturday!

*Just googled the lyrics to Clap Your Hands, and 'Get out and wiggle it' is actually 'Get out of misery'! Hahaha! I like what I sing better, so the title stays!


  1. Great post Carly!!

    I have never had that packet popcorn before, I think I might give it a go next time I go to the cinema.

    Thanks for the 'spoiler alert' Black Swan synopsis. I don't really want to see it because it sounds like it's a little bit too much - but I did want to know what it was about! You just answered my questions. Thank you!!!!


  2. As my brother said when he saw Black Swan at the weekend, "That shit is whack..."... I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hid during certain parts!!

    I can remember seeing Grease 2 at a 7th birthday party and everyone going "WTF?? Where the hell are Sandy and Danny???" Poor Michelle Pfieffer - shunned by seven year olds... ;)

  3. And another example of making up your own lyrics: my former housemate thought Phoenix's "Animals" was referring to an enema, and that's what she sang and danced to.

    Australia may be the land of insanely priced everything, but wow they don't stiff you with movie concessions and ban "outside" food? That's real decency right there. (Unless you snuck the popcorn into the theatre, which then will just be a universal fact of life.)

    I love this:
    "Perhaps a pyscho-sexual lesbian ballet thriller coupled with themes of mental illness and a controlling, fallen star mother?"

    very zippy and then,

    "My friend and I were underwhelmed, though."

    touche blase.

    Since you're bored with 30 for 30, try tone on tone. It worked really well in your last few shots.


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