25 February 2011

Friday mixed bag

Remember last week I was in the audience of the Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight show? Well I saw an extras video online, and there's a quick glimpse of my friend and I.

My friend's Eurochopper got a workout by Hannah Gadsby.

Meanwhile, this is outfit 27 of the 30 for 30 remix. I did have my mint green blazer but it hung over my chair for most of the day.
It was my last day in my awesome events planner role for a little while - I begin a new opportunity at a more senior role on Monday, until June - but am still working on a big event until mid-March. I won't lie - I am feeling quite nostalgic today and will miss this job a lot. The job and my managers are the best experiences of my career so far. But a new opportunity awaits and who knows where it will take me?

I am relaxing tonight before I spend a day with my Mum tomorrow. I am tired and sore, so I am happy to do a little writing, listen to a little music...

drink a little cider...
...and read a little about Melbourne's fashion.
Happy Friday!


  1. Oh that's awesome Carls, I went to the pilot taping of his show and it was great ^.^ We had a really fun time.
    Does that mean they're going to continue taping? When we went they said that because it's only a pilot there's a good chance it won't go to air and that the show might not end up happening anyway. I'll be glad if it does, it was great :D

  2. Congratulations on the new position!!! I was meaning to ask you what it was!!!

    Rekorderlig is the BEST cider ever, H introduced it to me last summer... I LOVE it!!!

    Hope you have a delicious, restful weekend.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm, cider... I wish I had some cider... *sigh* Shame I'm too lazy to leave the house! ;)

  4. happy friday indeed! Im home alone, have just put a pile of roast veg in the oven & will cook steak. i have a date with my couch :) congrats on the new opportunity! I hope it is all you want and more.
    Heidi xo

  5. Hi Carly!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at the AusBlogCon too (although, I'm still in a bit of shock that I'm actually going!!)

    Not long now!

    Seeya there :)

  6. Best of luck for the new role Carly! You'll ace it.

    Can you believe it's nearly March?

    See you soon.

    SSG xxx

  7. Best. Cider. Ever. The berry one always seems to be gone when we try to get some, but that doesn't matter when the strawberry & lime one tastes so awesome.

    Good luck with your new position! I hope it works out really well for you. :)


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