21 February 2011

The taping of the Adam Hills show - when I met Megan Gale and Tim Minchin ate my Bounty

Last Monday night, my friend M and I went to the taping of Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight. It was a long but fun night. M and I made the trek to Gordon Street, where the show is taped.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we picked the first restaurant we came across to eat dinner at. After the Tears - a Russian vodka bar. It's a relative of Borsch Vodka and Tears in Windsor.

M and I were so impressed! Fast service, interesting menu and really pretty interior.
There were large candles with strings of melted wax hanging off them. A frieze of Babushka dolls.
I had the most amazing cocktail: a chocolate vodka martini. Wow. I was in love.
Van gogh chocolate vodka, czekoladowa afrykańska, vanilla vodka & chocolate syrup strained over fresh cream & topped with a strawberry.
M had a beer.
We shared three really tasty vegetarian dishes. Saganaki and salad:

Vegetable croquettes topped with yoghurt and a mushroomy pesto:
And risotto balls.
After dinner we went to the ABC studios. There was a long wait in the queue, and a long wait in the cafeteria. But worth the waits. My photos inside the studio aren't so good, sorry.

It is a lot flashier than the Channel 31 studios.

So many overhead lights! They made me hot then cold, hot then cold.
Last Monday was the second ever taping of Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight. It's such a fun, funny and nice show. Adam is great - a genuine bloke not afraid to take the piss out of himself - he had a boyzillian as a follow up promise to the first week's show, and put on rainbow harem pants in the episode we went to.

The show's first guest was eyeliner loving singer and pianist Tim Minchin.
I think Tim Minchin is quite cute. I like men in makeup. He walked by and raised his eyes and smiled at me. I squealed like a girl. M laughed at my fan girl reaction. He also called for food and I was quick to offer him my Bounty chocolate. He accepted my bounty, along with M and Ms, and ate it. Squeee!

Tim Minchin is not only cute but really articulate, funny and talented. He performed this cover:

Model, Megan Gale was also on the show. She has the longest legs ever! She was clearly guarded in her interview, but very funny and spoke of having to poo in the desert.
In the break, I asked co-host Hannah Gadsby for a photo with Megan. Hannah wasn't sure if Megan would, but she happily obliged. Megan was so lovely, and SO tall!
Hannah took a second photo just in case.
Sydney lawyer, Charles Waterstreet was the third guest. The TV show Rake (and its leading character) is based on him. He told some quite disturbing stories of true cases he's defended.
While M was filmed and interviewed about an object she brought in (something her partner would like her to throw away) - unfortunately it didn't make it to air, and something she wrote on her pre-audience survey was read out, neither of our faces made it on TV. But we were in the background of a woman being interviewed about some undies she'd sewn for charity to repent for burying $15 in her childhood backyard. The following photos are screen shots of the TV show:

In this picture, the item my imaginary partner would like me to throw out is featured. Can you spot it?
It was such a fun night! We laughed so much. Thanks for coming along, M!
You can watch this episode on iView for a few more days, or download it to keep via links on the show's website.


  1. Sounds like a great night!

    And M has good taste in beer, Zywiec is awesome.


  2. I'm jealous that you were that close to Tim Minchin! I love his comedy work, and have to admit that I also think he is quite cute.

  3. What a wonderful evening you had.. and you have the great photos too! Loving that restaurant you found as well... hope all is well with you..xx

  4. Wow, I saw you on TV and didn't realise it!

  5. Yayayayayaa Megan eats v regularly at H's old restaurant. He said she is lovely and comes in with no makeup on and looks STUNNING.

  6. What an awesome night! I love Adam's new tv show its hilarious! Love Tim Minchin too, he's very cute - how cool that he ate your bounty! Love the photo of you and Megan xx

  7. I didn't realise Borscht had a relative restaurant. I used to frequent Borscht when working in Windsor a few years ago - so yummy!


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