12 February 2011

Legs eleven

Yesterday's date was a palindrome. 11/2/11. I don't want to be all nationally superior but I prefer how Australia writes our dates. America's date system is confusing. 2/11/11. And then I find my head moving sideways to figure it out. Because I am really bad with numbers.
Yesterday was also outfit 11 of the 30 for 30 remix. I liked my choices! It all just worked! Oversized white linen shirt (Target), cute floral skirt (Mink Pink), flat shoes (Diana Ferrari) and candy pink fishnet stockings. It was windy. And the wind blew my clothes into all kinds of shapes. Including this one.  The unflattering sumo shirt.
Meanwhile as I waited for a toasted cheese sandwich to destroy the good doings of my plate of vegetables, Total Eclipse of the Heart came on the stereo at the cafe at my work. It's my favourite karaoke song!
You know how everyone has workplace regrets? Well, I think I have one now. I really regret not bursting into out-of-tune song in the cafe queue.

On a serious note - thank you to everyone who left nice comments on yesterday's blog and sent me texts to make sure I was ok. I'm ok :) The work things are fine, the soreness has decreased, and I know the affairs of the heart will heal in time. It's nice to know you care.


  1. You SHOULD have burst into song. H and I like to dance... especially at the supermarket... sometimes H tells me to stop rocking out and concentrate on shopping but it's hard to stop if I'm caught up in the moment.

  2. I went to the US to visit a friend the year I turned 21. We went to a bar, and the bouncer asked for ID. He stared at mine for a full five minutes with a confused look on his face, then looked at me and said "What month is 25?" I was like "Um, 25th April?" and he was all "Ohhhhhh, it's BACKWARDS!!!!" Seriously...

    Also, have you seen the Total Eclipse of the Heart literal video? It's pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  3. Total Eclipse of the Heart is MY signature karaoke song too! I have it on my iPod and always crack up when it comes on if I have it on shuffle :P

  4. So happy you are feeling better today. I love how they break out in song in Glee. And it happens in Random places but people don't seem to blink. Yeah right that would happen! Seriously I think if you did that in Sydney you'd be carted away by the men in the white coats. Then again, if you are listening to your Ipod then people will just think you are really getting into it. I guess you can always try it out and see how you fare. LOL

  5. Oh, and for me it would take "Duran Duran". I know very, very SAD! LOL

  6. Me too. It looks cool and breezy. (and the wind agrees!)

    Thanks for the shout out by the way! Because I live on the edge, I have my Google Reader sort blog posts by magic so I only saw that post recently. Now I'm off to find yesterday's post in my Google Reader and emphathize. :)


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