05 February 2011

She's Like a Comet

Friday's outfit was a mixture of crowd favourites - my Temt teal top over my Sunnygirl maxi dress, belted at the waist.

The remix challenge has been fun. And I have not bought any clothes, accessories or anything else apart from food and a movie ticket. I banked some money today - what I may have spent if I wasn't using so much willpower!
I have had these sandals for many years. Since 1997 or 1998! And they still look like new!
Thanks for your kind words about my outfits too :) Much appreciated! And also for your support re the red faces comment. I love the blogging community!

I had lunch at the Victoria Market on Friday. I bought it from Colours of the Earth - a shop selling rainbow pizzas. You can read more about the shop at Spatula Spoon and Sunday. Lunch was delicious (and cheap!). I had a polenta based pizza with olive, capsicum, coriander, pumpkin and buffalo cheese.
While I was at the market, I picked up a few pieces of fruit. Fresh produce is so expensive due to the shortage after the floods and cyclone. But we've gotta keep supporting our farmers, no matter the price.  I feel for Queenslanders - they've endured so much in the past month. The cyclone this week is devastating. I can't imagine the turmoil. Even Melbourne is experiencing wild weather. This was my street before the storm came at 7.00 pm last night.
It's probably the effects of Cyclone Yasi?

In other news - this is my current favourite song. She's Like a Comet by Jebediah.

I didn't listen to them when they looked like this (it was that stupid 'my precious ears' excuse:
Now they look like this:
So, due to my appreciation of Bob Evans, I will revisit their back catalogue this weekend! And next weekend, I may see them play live!



  1. Very clever, you've made the dress into a maxi skirt! :) Love the colours, so very summer! Look forward to seeing what you come up with next xxx

  2. I think we in Victoria are experiencing the rain from cyclone Anthony - the much smaller one that hit days befre Yasi.


  3. That teal blue looks gorgeous on you Carly!!! I'm loving this 30:30 remix, you're going so well with it, loving reading your blog posts about it!!!!

    One of my gf's used to be OBSESSED with Jebadiah back in the day, whenever they came to Melbourne they would stay at her parent's hotel. She loved Vanessa and wanted to be a drummer. Hilarious!

    Have a lovely weekend, great post Carly :) :) :)

  4. Great outfit!! Its the 30/30 frontrunner so far, looking forward to seeing what else you come up with :)

  5. Love this outfit, the colours looks amazing on you! I love seeing your remix outfits, would be such a challenge xx

  6. love the blue on you carly, excellent maxi frock.

    I love Jebediah. Harpoon through my heart was my breakup song in the late 1990s...I like Leaving Home too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Loving the top & dress combo. The colours look great together! It's great that the challenge is letting you save money for other things, too.


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