11 February 2011

When the shit hits the fan...

I'm learning the art of resilience and coping without retail therapy.

Shit's hit the fan. Not a major poo explosion. But the past seven-eight days have been quite craptacular.

I've realised that when you're somewhat successful, it can be a long way to fall. Thud.

I've had some pretty yucky days professionally, soreness and some more heartbreak. Craptacular.

The heartbreak hasn't sunk in. I feel numb, angry, hurt, still loving and forgiving, and that I should have known better. It's all so final. Maybe. It's all so up in the air, indecisive. It's just like Jebediah's Harpoon: 'There is no use pretending that there's hope for you and me'. I've been told reminded there's no hope in one form of 'us', and I've been ok with that for some time now. But I can't see hope for us even to stay friends. And that's what hurts the most.

I guess all I can do is smile, keep going knowing that things will get better. And that I got lots of good people going into bat for me. Thank you.

And this no shopping caper in the midst of life and other crises is proving difficult. I still haven't bought clothes, shoes, music, accessories or fun stuff. I've been sticking to the remix challenge, except for Wednesday when I was sick and spent most of my day on the couch in my pyjamas.When I went to the doctor, I wore grey and black. As neutral as Switzerland.

Here's what I wore yesterday. Remixing it, 30 for 30 style.
My favourite Sportsgirl linen blazer, green Temt top, Valleygirl skirt, Diana Ferrari shoes, Yeojin Bae for Target belt, Mimco headband, Wiyomu necklace and Diva ring and bangle.
I love the hot pink background too!
Last night I watched the Adriano Zumbo macaron documentary on SBS. There is a great blog about the patisserie too. It was amazing! There were 63 different macaron flavours made. Bubblegum macaron. Salt and vinegar macaron. Hamburger macaron. Chocolate jumbo macaron. Pig's blood macaron. Errrr....

Zumbo is like Willy Wonka. And Wonka is one of my heroes. I need to visit Zumbo when I am in Sydney in March!

To compensate for no shopping, I had a carb and fat laden dessert (after a vegie and steak meal).
Stove top rice pudding. Nigella's recipe. One of the first things I began to cook when I moved out of home.
 Only the best ingredients were used. Including one of my favourite and rarely consumed fruits, a fig.
And that's why I don't give a fuck about the calories.


  1. I left you a comment the other day saying how Harpoon was my late 90s breakup song. I don't know any current Jebediah being Old and all. Jeff Buckley's the Last Goodbye is good too...it might make you cry thinking of Ole Jeff walking into the river and not coming out again though. Hope you feel better soon. Email me. x

  2. Chin up Carly. The love stuff sucks. But the outfit was fab. xx

  3. Shit Carly, are you ok? Your outfits are smashing but the world isn't good if you're feeling blue. I hope you have a restful weekend and feel better soon. Much love. ♥

  4. Carly there are so many people who will be there to lift you back up when you need it. Especially on here. Good for you for not resorting to shopping for medicinal purposes. Believe me it just makes things worse as I've been there. My credit card bills still tell the tale!
    Who cares about calories when you need food as comfort. And I agree about the colour of clothes. When I'm sad etc I wear darker clothes. When I feel powerful I wear colour. For me it is Red and makes me feel strong. It may sound "cliche" but don't let the bastards get you down. Hope to see you wearing colour real soon!

  5. Hey Carly, sorry to hear you're having some bad days lately. On another note, I'm heading to Adrian Zumbo's patisserie this Friday! I will give you a full report about the sweet delights (can't promise to bring any back to Melb though!)

  6. Sorry to hear you've have a crappy week :-(

    ...but the remixing is going splendidly!

  7. Aw Carly. Craptacular weeks are never welcome. Retail therapy will definitely help. Keep your chin up! Looking fab and loved your Vicky Beckham post too :-) XXX

  8. Aww Carly, sorry that your last week has been craptastic. But things can only ever get better from here. Sending my llama love your way and BIG hugs :) xoxo

  9. I'm really loving that word craptastic, it shows such emotion... but i'm not loving that you're feeling craptastic... i hope that you feel better soon.

    You look fabulous in your outfit, especially that blazer...

    bf x

  10. :( Thats poop. I HATE craptacluar weeks/ days/ times/ moments etc etc etc. They're the worst. I always try hard to savour the times when I feel worry free and like every things ok because I know at any moment shit could hit the fan! (Thats such a bleek way to look at life isnt it? Oops). I hope you felt better, and at least somewhat comforted, after your lovely rice pudding.

    Your blazer is fabulous!

    Hugs xxx

  11. Is my use of the word 'craptacular' recently rubbing off on you? Or have you always been a fan of it? ;) Sorry that your week's been sucky - mine has been frustrating, which is *almost* a step up, but not quite!

    Someone needs to invent a clothing library of sorts. Then you'd get all the benefits of shopping but without actually spending money!

    PS. I skipped the gym, came home, and ate almost a whole loaf of garlic bread. You're not alone on the calorie front!!!

  12. I tagged you in an image thingy, look at my blog for deets. xox

  13. You look great sweety...
    Hope you are having a great weekend...

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Sigh... what can you do in these situations except to keep on chugging? Well it's over-ish now isn't it? :)

  16. Hang in there Carly. and if not look at that FIG and say to yourself - F@#$ I'm Good. So tasty, I love figs also. Xx

    (hope this doesn't sound too silly, an attempt to make you laugh??)


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