20 February 2011

Go on, you deserve it!

As a woman and I stood in the queue at Hausfrau in Yarraville on Saturday, lamenting whether to choose a sweet or savoury treat, or both, I said to her, 'Go on, you deserve it'. And she laughed, saying she did deserve a sweet treat alongside her savoury and salad. And I deserved it too. Two plates of deliciousness. And then some.

I admit, my diet this weekend has not been balanced. It's been heavy on the comfort, light on the healthy.

I guess some belly dancing being in the same room as belly dancers because it was too hot and humid for me to take part gave me solace that I was sort of exercising the comfort food off. Through osmosis?

Outfit 22 of the 30 for 30 remix: harem pants, Bob Evans tee, Mimco headband and hip scarf and Jiffies.
 On the way to Hausfrau, I saw this awesome street art.
I sat down for a late lunch and the Saturday Age. Elderflower is my favourite boutique softdrink.
First course was Croque Monsieur. Toasted ham white bread sandwich topped with bechamel sauce and cheese. Yum.
Then a blueberry Madeleine cake, eaten as I read how to make a chocolate cognac cake. The cake I ate was like a bread and butter pudding.
Two plates of deliciousness indeed.

I went to Hausfrau on my way to see Rabbit Hole at the cinema (to cool down).
Rabbit Hole is a play-turned-film about a couple, Becca and Howie, grieving after the death of their young son. I guess it's about when's the right time to 'get on' with life after you lose a child, and the strength needed to get through the darkness.
The theme that was apparent to me were the conditions grieving people unintentionally place on others, and the difficulty of not knowing how to handle other peoples' grief as an outsider. Grief stricken peoples' worlds stop while it turns for the rest of us. I particularly liked the relationship and subsequent forgiveness Becca gave the teenage driver who killed her son. It was very moving, and very sad. And Nicole Kidman's expressions were visible despite the botox.

On a side note, there were some teenagers in the cinema having sex in the back row. It was rather unnerving. I wondered whether people just pick any film to 'view' so they can have sex. And then I wondered how many people do this, and whether I've sat on a chair that people have had sex on. And then I had to stop thinking and just watch the film.

Moving on...

I ate half of this trifle for dinner. I told you. More comfort, less health. I deserved it.
Today I met Kristy and her very nice boyfriend for brunch at Fraus.
It was Kristy's birthday yesterday and she had a lovely weekend in Melbourne being spoilt.

Today was Kristy's first Fraus experience. She went into a chocolate coma with a thick hot chocolate...

 ...and a crepe filled with ricotta, and topped with figs and hot chocolate.

I was recognised by a blog reader. Sassy, left of me in the below picture, was excited to meet me in real life!
 I had my usual order: thick hot chocolate and a Florentine crepe. Quite healthy really!
This is outfit 23 of the 30 for 30 remix. Seven to go! Mimco headband, Target blazer, Valleygirl tee, Sussan jeans, Diana Ferrari shoes, Tiffany necklace and Lavallier bangle.
It was lovely seeing Kristy again, and finally meeting her boyfriend. I will see her in a month when I go to Sydney to speak on a panel at the Aussie Blogger's Conference.
I cooked a healthy dinner of pork and vegetables tonight. No pictures. But I did bake a fruit pie, and took pictures, because you deserve it.
 Apricots, passionfruit, pears, blueberries, rhubarb, a plum and a fig.


  1. Ick about the cinema. Not the movie but the off screen action. That's why having a newspaper with you at all times is so important. Either to sit on or hold up in front of you.

    So much good food today as well!

    Loving the remix outfits.

    We all really do deserve good things.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Now I'm lamenting that I didn't buy myself a 'go on you deserve it' cake to bring home thisafternoon!

  3. Oh my LAWD they were sexing in the cinema?!!? I mean I guess it's not surprising it happens but in a Nicole Kidman movie!?!!? wtf?!!?!?

    You're almost at the end of 30:30 are you going to go shopping cray cray?!!?

  4. Hi Carly,
    Good to see you today, hope you enjoyed your Fraus goodies.
    I had an unfortunate incident last weekwith some flourless chocolate pistachio cake and have therefore been off the cake :(
    come say g'day!
    Cilla (sassydrcil)

  5. The funniest part about teenagers having sex in the cinema is that they think no-one notices. We do teenagers, we do.

    Oh my gosh, all the good in this post looks amazing.

  6. Street art is the best kind of art:_)
    Have a great day.


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