04 March 2010

Things that make me happy on a Thursday. Beautiful women.

I flicked through Rolling Stone magazine after dinner. I don't know why I buy it anymore as most of it does not appeal. But tonight I saw some gorgeous photos and an article about Angus and Julia Stone. I am seeing them live on 25 March. I adore them. Are they not the most attractive band you've ever seen?

(Source: Direct Current Music)

This is my favourite song of theirs. The Beast.

No, maybe this one. What You Wanted.

Actually, I love them all.

Then I visited Missea and my smile widened so much when I saw her feature on Keri Russell. Is she not the most beautiful woman you've seen, aside from Julia Stone and Cate Blanchett?

(Source: Missea via InStyle)

I adore this photoshoot she did with InStyle Magazine. The way she does casual is amazing. THAT JACKET! Oh my.

I love Keri Russell. I need to devote a whole blog post to her. When I was at university full time, I wanted to be just like Felicity. And Iwanted to be dating Ben Covington.

I look at this photoshoot and I want to dress just like Keri Russell.

Beautiful women are what made me happy tonight.


  1. I ADORE Julia Stone, she is so stunning! Helps that she has a killer voice too :)

  2. Hi:)
    I have never heard them...will most def check them out:)

    Personally i can not get enough of strong, stunning, and independent women...like you Carly:)

    Have a good day - SP

  3. KittyCate - Julia Stone is such a lovely person too:) She invited me backstage at a show in 2007. The security pulled me back but Julia said, 'no, she's with us'.

    Princess - you MUST check out Angus and Julia Stone. You will love their music.
    And thanks so much for the wonderful compliment xx


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