31 March 2010

10 things that make me happy

I received this little award from Raising Ruby. This blog got a mention on Blogspot's 'blogs of note' page. It's a great blog, and as I mentioned before, well worth the read.

The rules of this award are to list 10 bloggers who brighten our day and list 10 things that make us happy. The list is both easy and hard, because our community of bloggers is so large and warm and wonderful!

1. Faux Fuschia - I love this woman! I love her style and humour.
2. Sydney Shop Girl - SSG is genuinely a lovely person (via blog) and she gives good recipes.
3. Flair to Remember - Nikki was the first fashion blogger I stumbled upon. She rocks clothes.
4. All Cats Are Grey At Night - wears pastels really really well.
5. So Now What? - Bern always sees the funny side! And she's a wee bit jealous of me meeting Callan Mulvey!
6. Rock Around The Clock - BECAUSE SHE'S SUDDENLY STOPPED BLOGGING!! And I know she's out there...
7. Rellacafa - Someday we will meet.
8. Twink - she and I know the experiences of ichthyosis
9. Not Quite Nigella - her recipes look wonderful, and she is a lovely person.
10. Gathers No Moss - she's my new friend from Canada!

OK, now for 10 things that make me happy.

1. Food. Cooking. Eating. Looking at cookbooks.
2. Shopping. I love it. Clothes and groceries. Am up for either. I'll put fashion in here too.
3. My MacBook Pro and iPod Touch. Apple make the most beautiful products ever. I don't know how to do much on my MacBook but I know how to admire it.
4. Laughing. I love to laugh.
5. My family and friends (including colleagues). They make me feel so happy and loved.
6. Callan Mulvey. He is delightful. Such a lovely personality. So lovely to look at.
7. Bands/live music, especially Angus and Julia Stone, Genevieve Maynard, Bob Evans, The Temper Trap, Darren Hayes, Steve Poltz.
8. Writing. I really enjoy creating something that from a few thoughts in my head. I especially love it when others enjoy my writing.
9. When I feel well and healthy. Not that I feel sad all the time when I'm not well. You do usually see me laughing in hospital, even with a drip in my arm.
10. Having loyal readers following this blog. Thank you all so much! Your comments and respect mean a lot to me :)

I desperately want to blog with some substance. Comment on important issues. Delve into my thoughts. Write creatively. But I am far too tired.

So I've skipped gym, and taking tonight to just flop on the couch and relax before I head home to my parents' tomorrow for the long weekend. I've got some magazines (and uni texts) ready for the train trip. I'm ready to do NOTHING for five days.

Hopefully some R&R brings back the blogging mojo.

Last night a good friend of mine, Jo, took some photos of me. Jo and I met at a band about four years ago and we've been seeing bands and laughing together ever since. She's and awesome friend and an awesome photographer. She took some photos of me to accompany the article of mine that will be published. We laughed a lot.

My skin is not at its best as it was after a long day of work then uni, but I think Jo's photography can make anyone look fabulous. I didn't even need Callan Mulvey with his arm around me to make me look good!

And finally, an update about the publishing opportunity...

Word is, something of mine will be published next week. I'll let you know where you can find it!


  1. Thanks Carley! Great photos, you have a Killer Smile. I will advise the things that make me happy shortly. What are you doing for easter?

  2. Hey FF! Thanks for saying I have a killer smile. I think it's my best feature. Would you say it challenges the paradigm?
    I am going to Albury for Easter. To do nothing!
    What about you?

  3. Have a happy easter and enjoy the break, Carly. Thank you for dinner on Sunday, t'was great to catch up. If you can, pls email one of the good photos of us you took. Be good!

  4. Aww thankyou so much Carly! I'm so honoured to be on your top 10 list! You're an inspiration and a lovely soul to boot! :D x

  5. Thanks for the mention Carly! So glad you like the blog and follow it. I still feel like such an amateur and self-conscious about what I put on there so it's so nice to hear that someone likes it! Ur one of my top 10 too.

  6. Hi Carly
    Thank you for the mention - I am honoured. It couldn't have come at a better time. I've been stuck for blog-spiration and getting all stressed about it.

    Have a lovely Easter and be gone blogging blues!

    Congrats on the publishing op.

    SSG xxx

  7. thank you so much carly - you are so so lovely :)
    you are rocking i mean ROCKING your outfits that I've been able to admire on your blog so far! Love this jacket in the beautiful photos on this post + absolutely adore your callan outfit - gorgeous!!
    lots of love

  8. Thanks Carly!! TODAY IS THAT DAY!! I am super excited :D

    Sorry, I'm so behind on my blog reading that I've only just gotten here. This made me crack up "I don't know how to do much on my MacBook but I know how to admire it." - I can completely relate!! xx


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