23 March 2010

There's so much to do in this random food venture!

Week four of the now definitely traditional post uni Asian grocery store random food challenge.

We discussed the reality of me needing to continue this challenge on my blog. It may celebritise me. It probably won't. Especially with my amateur photos.

We enlisted another member into this challenge. She suggested I add another layer onto the challenge and blindold myself. But after last week's crispy seaweed disaster, I need to go into the store fully informed. Plus I hate the feeling of being blindfolded.

It was a bit of a blur in the store. So much to look at. I'm like a Kelpie dog - always excited, always on the go, always looking out for things. These were a few of the items at the front of the store!

We had 13 minutes between getting out of class and catching the train. I desperately wanted Lord of the Fries but it would compromise the random food challenge.

So instead I thought long and hard about wanting ikin billis. I had the vision, I had the drive, and I came out of the store with ikin billis chips. Ikin billis are fried anchovies. Absolutely wonderful!

I made a grand statement: 'I want to go to a costume party as anchovy woman'. I don't really. Because it means I won't get to wear my bear suit. We all know bears don't eat anchovies.

I also bought Pocky. It's like a skinny biscuit, looks a bit like a sparkler (fire cracker thing) that has crushed almonds covered in chocolate. A bit like a sweet pretzel. I was assured that Pocky is 'actually really nice'. And it was! Chocolate i not really my thing, but Pocky was tasty and pleasing.

And lychee juice. Better than dragonfruit. A million times better than young coconut drink. Best drink so far!

Three out of three deliciousness!

The regular member of the food challenge bought boring, conservative yet tasty food. Peanut crackers. And sparkling water.

The peanut crackers had 41% fat, 29% transfats.

Quote of the night: 'I can't open your anchovies, there's too much transfat on my fingers'.

The new member bought Hello Kitty biscuits dipped in strawberry candy.

There's so much to do in this venture that I was finding it hard to juggle the wonderful finds with my taking photos on iPhone in the midst of so much laughing.

I tried to recruit a new member into our challenge - my fellow train passenger who I asked to open my ikin billis (but he couldn't) and he said NO! He's missing out of the fun.

Again, I laughed and laughed.

Next week our uni topic is qualitative and quantitative research. Our method of choosing the Asian grocery foods will be completely random!


  1. Pocky = Win. LOVE the strawberry one you can get at coles.
    Anchovies = The amount of fat is clogging my arteries by site alone.
    Lychee juice = Gag.
    You'd love our random Springvale shopping sprees. Not a single thing is written in English. Fried duck tounges? Yes please!

  2. Errr... Sight even. Too much work on websites lately!

  3. FRIED DUCK TONGUE!!!?????
    How many duckies did they kill per packet?
    I don't want to know.
    Though how many anchovies did they kill for me??

  4. Aaah my stomach hurts...hopefully not from the hello kitty snacks. hope you enjoyed your anchovy chips!

  5. pocky yay!! my host mum gave those to me after school when I went to Japan. SO YUM!! we didn't have crushed nuts on ours. Chris

  6. Oh how I love this challenge! I may need to start it at my local Asian grocer.

    And can I say: yummmm Hello Pandas. They are so bad for you, but taste so good (in a nostalgic way, I used to eat these with my bestie back in Grade 10 or so on our trips to the city).

    xx Polly

  7. anchovy chips sounds so gross!!
    but ive never tried an anchovy.
    i just imagine it would be gross as!

    pocky is great
    there are so many flavours.
    i think the pocky taste depends on what country its made as well.

  8. lychee drinks = yummm! im addicted to aloe vera drinks too, mmmmm

  9. Ah, but how do you KNOW bears don't eat anchovies, hmm? Have you ever offered a delicious anchovy to a bear? I think he might not turn it down!

  10. Hey Carly,

    I just saw this sleeping bag on The Bloggess' blog and I thought of you!

    You have GOT to check it out!


    And the post that goes with it is pretty funny too.



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