08 March 2010

Resuming normal programming

After feeling horrible (physically and emotionally) for two days of my long weekend, I pulled myself together today and am feeling much better.

I'm still very sad about Jazz but have thinking about all the funny things Jazzy used to do - chasing Toby inside and outside of his kennel, doing a poo on the lawn and acting innocent, putting on a limp when Toby had returned from the vet so SHE could get attention too! These good memories make it easier to cope.

I had an interesting meal at a Sudanese restaurant in Footscray. It's always unnerving for me walking through Footscray - it can be rough and scary. Today I was stared at a lot by people who looked like they were drug and/or alcohol affected, and also by migrants. It was a bit difficult. I smile at most and ignored the ones I needed to steer clear from. I marveled at the diversity Footscray has to offer. Despite its scariness, it's filled with so many pockets of cultures - maybe more than Sydney Road Brunswick. There's Vietnamese, Turkish, Ethiopian, Indian, Sudanese...

I chose an African restaurant that was open and taking customers (some appeared to be open but weren't taking customers). The kind owner recommended a meal for me. Fish coated in flour and spices with yoghurt, dahl, salad and bread, and a mango juice - all for $12. It was delicious. And I ate the whole large dollop of chili relish on the side. The Sudanese food was a lot like Middle Eastern - tzatziki dip and fresh vegetable salad. I told the owner my Mum was South African and we had a chat about food. He was very nice and welcoming. Here is my meal.

I did some retail therapy too. I spent a JB HiFi voucher Mum and Dad bought me for my birthday last December. I was very happy with my purchases: Lars and the Real Girl DVD, Romeo and Juliet DVD, Bertie Blackman's Secrets and Lies, and Headway CDs. And I only had to spend $12 extra.

I also bought this top from Jeanswest.

Mum, if you are reading this, it's ok - I have cleared some of my floordrobe and put two bags of stuff aside for charity. Don't fret.

And I bought a stack of cheese from my favorite supermarket in the world - it had been reduced from $6 a piece to $1 or $2. I got Milawa Gold and King Island blue.

I did some work for uni. I have written my goals for my thesis to my tutor.

And I cooked two meals - King Island steak with sweet potato and gorgonzola risotto, and Asian chicken soup (made from chicken drumsticks and an interesting packet of unidentified dried stuff).

Here is my risotto.

It was delicious, and I have enough for lunch tomorrow and Wednesday. I love cooking.

It's good to feel like I'm getting back on track again.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better - it was lovely to catch up on Saturday.

    PS: The food looks delish! I baked some muffins today, with over-ripe bananas, and substituted milk with rice milk and caster sugar with honey. I also added some LSA. They are really good, and not sweet at all - best of all, no heart burn!

    Trisse :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better Carly - you are such an amazing cook, the food photos in your archives made me so hungry!!! Sorry to hear about your families dog - such a sad time.

  3. Both the meals look really good! I've never tried Sudanese food before.

    Love the cute heart pocket on the top.

  4. A new top and a good cook off always cheer me up. I'm glad, you've had a rough weekend. x P23

  5. Glad you are feeling better.

    I only venture into Footscray if I'm in need of a last minute doctor's certificate for work, they have a doctor that's open late with no appointments. I never feel like I'm in Australia when I'm in this suburb and feel a little wary about leaving my car parked on the street!!

    Cute top :)

  6. So happy you're feeling better.

    There is an African restaurant on Brunswick St that's a 5 min walk from my house, we must try it sometime. Whenever H and I walk past it's packed out.

  7. Hi Carly

    I'm so sorry to hear about Jazzy - the photos you posted of him were adorable! I love curly coated retrievers :) I hope that your parents and also Toby as well as yourself are coping ok with him no longer being with us.

    As to the food piccies above - I too love King Island steak and your risotta looks totally yum!

  8. yum! wanna come over and cook me some rissotto?!

    glad you're feeling a little better xxx

  9. Hi Carly
    Glad to see you getting back on track ;-)

    Dinner looks good.

    SSG xxx

  10. I love that top! the heart is so cute! yummy food too!

  11. The food all looks delicious. Mmmmmmmmmm. The top is so cute. I've never seen Lars and the Real Girl but I kind of want to. Worth it? Glad you are feeling better!

  12. Hope you pick up & are feeling groovy again soon. xx


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