04 March 2010

My week

I don't feel much like blogging in my usual form tonight. I'm pretty exhausted and hanging out for the LONG WEEKEND. I want to relax and read newspapers and sit on the couch sans MacBook. I have some ideas about proper blog posts with more research, analysis and discussion, but writing them will have to wait for the weekend. LONG WEEKEND! Doing nothing.

I've had work. It's good. It's busy. Lots of event planning.

I'm back at uni. I have lots of friends in my course now. By lots, I mean about five. It's difficult to make friends at uni while studying part time for a Masters course. I am not in a tutorial with anyone I know so I am making new friends. Uni is good and interesting and I am ALREADY thinking about next year, when I won't have any formal academic discussion, reading or writing to stimulate me. I will miss formal learning. But I will have a break. Then probably do a grad dip in community development or social work.

Last night at the gym, I pushed myself so hard I was nearly sick. Someone asked me how can I be exhausted after doing Body Balance? For it's only yoga. For me, I get very exhausted doing it, but I feel great. Though last night I did feel very sick to the point of vomiting. I know that top athletes often feel sick after they've endured difficult physical activity. Maybe I am on my way to being a top athlete! Hah!

I am no longer doing the modified moves and am trying my best to do things that challenge my strength. I actually did some push up things and walked on my feet while my body was elevated by my arms. I did walking push ups! Who would have thought.

Tonight I was supposed to go to a free Fashion Week thing at the State Library but after having two nights in a row out and needing to be up early for a meeting tomorrow, I decided against it and came home.

I cooked three things.

A stirfy. My stirfries are really boring and I need to take more note of TV chefs. They always taste a little bland and look a little limp. Must work on stirfries.

Chicken patties. Inspired by Sydney Shop Girl. I used minced chicken, bran, an egg, crushed cashews, mint, basil, grated zucchini and carrot, finely chopped mushrooms, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, lemon juice and palm sugar. It was delicious and I will have leftovers for dinner tomorrow.

Here are the patties cooking in the pan, and the limp stirfry.

Here is my dinner on the plate.

I am not much into cutesy vintage (I am more into cutesy new and handmade), but I love the plate. My mum bought a heap of plates from the op-shop for my dad's 60th birthday last year (so she had enough plates for the guests and she could return them instead of throwing out paper plates - good for the environment, good for the community), and I saw this one, and asked if I could have it. You can't see it well but it has sunflowers on it. Reminds me of a vintage children's book.

Bircher muesli. As I said tomorrow I have an early meeting. Each Friday my managers and I meet to discuss what's been happening and what's planned. We start at 8:00 am or 9:00 am and so we take it in turns to bring breakfast in. I have brought fritatta, corn cakes, salmon and bagels, and once a lasagne for a lunch meeting. I love cooking for others, and this meeting is something I look forward to because it's relaxed and productive and delicious. It's my favourite day of the week. Tomorrow is my turn to bring breakfast, and being on my healthy eating kick, I made bircher muesli. It has pureed apple, fresh orange juice, blueberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, yoghurt, oats and milk. I am excited! I am also taking crumpets which we will have with home made jam from another colleague.

Here is the muesli.

The other day this gorgeous top arrived in the mail from Forever 21 in America in a huge box.

The box was about 30 cm cubed, but weighed about two grams.

I fell in love with it when I saw Dirty Hair Halo wearing it, and had to have it. Dirty Hair Halo wears it so well.

Pity about the exorbitant postage. $34. Yes, the postage was $14 more than the top. But I had to have it. I think the postage is criminal. But I want to buy something else from Forever 21.

Yesterday I wore the top with a faded denim button down almost knee-length circle skirt (el-cheapo $10 special at Valley Girl), black tights, rose pink corduroy blazer that I got when I started work seven years ago and black flats. I love not having to wear a suit to work, but still dressing up and dressing individually.

Finally, here is a picture of me at High Tea the other day. I am eating a Croque Monsieur. It is a toasted cheese and ham sandwich topped with bechamel sauce. Delicious. I also had a glass of moscato (my favourite) and a small macaroon (overrated) and a small chocolate mouse berry tart (fantastic).

(Picture taken by Domestic Divinity.)

I have a LOT of clothes. But I can think of four times that I've worn that dress this year. New years day, The Temper Trap, costume party and high tea. Not bad for a Sunny Girl Boxing Day sale special. I love it. And that's my Temt jacket. It's a bit Sargent Pepper.

I am going to read now. I have small cuts and blood marks on my legs from where my shopping bags knocked against them after work. I asked for a seat on the train (the disabled seat, mind you) and the fat man eating chips muttered 'I don't see why you need it' after he reluctantly got up. Give people seats on public transport, readers. That is all I ask.


  1. Ooh, the chicken patties sound DELISH!

  2. Loving the food pics... you made me so hungry I had to go and have something to eat! And kike you, we're on a health kick so yogurt and fruit it was.

    Have a lovely long weekend Carly :)

  3. I HATE it when people don't help others / give up seats on public transport. It makes me SO mad. Especially if the person is clearly struggling: ie they are getting on the tram OUTSIDE the hospital with a walking frame and bags and people just STARE.


    End rant :/

  4. Carly, 'kecap manis' is an essential ingredient, do try some, you can stir fry chicken and italian herbs in it then add to a salad, wraps, or even ur stir fried veg. Its the only thing for me that beats worstershire sauce. ;) (sweetasdude)

  5. Thanks everyone.

    People not giving up their seats is very rude.

    VPS - thanks for your comment outside of Twitter, I will definitely try your recommendation. :)

  6. I'm happy to have contributed some inspiration with the top. Unfortunatley that postage is INSANE, but hopefully you have fun with it.


  7. That jacket is Fab Carly! I love Tempt lately - awesome stuff for pretty cheap!


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