05 March 2010

Sore face. Sore face. Sore face :(

I have a sore face again this morning.

It was sore and weepy the whole night. Not much improvement this morning.

I just wish for once I could be 100% well.


  1. Good Morning Honey,

    I'll be thinking of you today, and sending you ALL my positive thoughts.

    You WILL feel better as the waves of my love and best wishes wash over you.

    Oh! And don't worry about the burning sensation in your ears, that's just me praying out loud for you.

    Live, Laugh, Love.

  2. Oh no Carly- am sending you healthy vibes.

    Try and have a great day- will be thinking of you!

  3. Hi Carly

    I hope that you'll feel better soon and that it doesn't take too much away from your plan of a nice relaxing long weekend ahead. *hugs* to you!

  4. you poor thing! do you know when it's going to start healing properly? i hope you feel better asap!


  5. Oh I am so sorry Carly.... will you visit the doctor or do you have to just wait until it passes...? do you ever get any indication on how long the soreness will last? Really hoping that you feel better soon, especially with long weekend coming up that you were looking forward to.

  6. Hope you feel better honey.

    Maybe see your Dr today if you think it's going to get worse, long weekends are hell in emergency. That's the best nursing advice I can give you :/ I'm not very good with the integumentary system, I'm a neuro nurse, all brain stuff. So sorry Carly.

  7. Sorry to hear that Carly.

    Hope it doesn't get too hot here today, the heat must make it worse right?

  8. Hey thanks for the kind wishes :)

    I went to work but my face did not improve.

    Not going to the doctor - going to treat (as in medical, not as in luxury!) myself with some saline dressings.

    I am SO over it.

    But anyhow, not dying from it so that's the positive.


    So glad for the long weekend.

  9. I washed my face tonight and the infection is gone, but it's still sore. Sleep will probably make it feel better.

    I can't predict when infections will come on, or how long they will last - these face infections generally last a day, but can come on again afterwards. Body infections can last a week?

  10. Are you going to the 'bestest' possible dermatologist/specialist? hopefully they're on top of new treatments etc to help you. Hope you feel better.

  11. Thanks Phoebe :)

    Anonymous - I am absolutely seeing the best possible dermatologist! I am very lucky to have a good team of specialists.


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