21 March 2010

Fish pie

In the words of Faux Fuschia, this morning 'the universe directed me' to make fish pie. I woke up feeling like I just had to have it. I just had to make it.

So I added the ingredients I needed to my grocery shop.

How I love you, Coles Showground Village. You are so beautiful and have everything I need to get me through a fortnight, but your beauty makes me spend!

I sliced onion, leek, garlic and cooked them until they were soft with a bit of olive oil.

Then I added mushrooms, snow peas, celery, carrot and parsley. I cooked these until soft.

I used seafood mix and salmon.

Look how beautiful the pink salmon flesh is next to the silvery skin.

I added the salmon and seafood mix to the vegetables, and let it cook further for about 15 minutes.

Here are the remaining ingredients needed for the pie. I only used a smidge of cream, and the butter was for greasing the dish and brushing on the pastry.

The pastry was low fat, and I think this meant it didn't turn out as flaky and crispy as full fat pastry. Still it was delicious, and very rich!

I love pie.


  1. Oh that looks good, Carly.

    I am inspired. I have eaten too many sweet things this weekend.

    SSG xxx

  2. Good for you!!! Cooking is so soothing x

  3. I hate fish but i love pie.
    You are fantastic :)

  4. Someone said fish. pie. not together.
    i disagree.
    fish pie is great


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