06 March 2010

Beautiful Jazz

My Dad wrote the most moving email to some friends and I about Jazz's passing.

'Jazz was a joker. She was so laid back. She came into our lives as the greatest gift we've had & she went out leaving memories of fun & joy.'

Wasn't she beautiful?


  1. Yes Carly :)
    She was nothing but gorgeous...
    It is so nice to have someone who loves you unconditional...

    Like the dog i had once...i still miss him from time to time:)
    Have a goo day girl...SP

  2. <3 they come into your life with nothing but love and leave you loved <3

  3. So sorry to read about the recent infections, but even more sorry to hear about Jazz :( Hope you are doing ok, sending love & hugs xoxo

  4. Your dads words were beautiful

    Pets are an amazing thing, unconditional no holds barred love.

    I am so sorry for your and your familys loss, They truly do become a major part of the family.


  5. The rainbow bridge..

    i shudder and cringe everytime i think abt it.. I usually always cry watching rspca rescue.

    animals are such wonderful creatures! Jazz was really lucky to have you and i'm sure it's vice versa.

    my ♥ goes out to you and your family.



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