10 March 2010

Miracle baby elephant is so cute!

Isn't this just the most wonderful, miraculous story?

It was thought the baby elephant had died in his mother's womb when she had difficulties giving birth.

But at 3:27 am Wednesday morning he was born at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

The Age has the full story.

It's made me feel uplifted after the death of Jazz, and I think it's much more newsworthy than that other bingled story.

I hope the little guy survives.

Everyone with me: awwwwww. Baby elephants are so cute!

(Source: The Age)


  1. I'm SO happy!

    When I found out the baby had died I cried...I had been sleeping with an elephant toy I got from Taronga Zoo and thinking so much about her and her mummy and family.

    I was ecstatic when I heard the news this morning.

    It's so exciting for Taronga Zoo...now they have 2 babies with one more on the way! Really great stuff for Australia in general, too.

  2. I know - it was so exciting! I cried about the baby's death too.

    The other baby elephant is at the Melbourne Zoo.

    And yeah, it is a great thing for Australia!

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  4. I went to Taronga Zoo today - although I didn't find out about the baby elephant surviving until we got home.

    I blogged about my zoo visit today HERE.

  5. Aww, I felt so sad the other day when I read in the paper that the baby had died. It's such amazing and wonderful news that he survived!

  6. so happy baby elephant is still alive! and yess, so adorable!

    baby elephant lives and corey haims dies... coincidence?

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Baby elephant is so cute and I want one.


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